15 Mods For Minecraft 1.12 That You Must Play!

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Minecraft mods can take the game to a completely new level. From adding new mobs and minimaps to optimizing your game to perform better, Minecraft mods allow you to experience Minecraft in new and exciting ways. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find cool Minecraft mods that are actually worth playing. That is where we come in. This is our comprehensive list of 15 mods for Minecraft 1.12 that you must play!

*Note: All mods mentioned in this article are Forge compatible.

15 Mods For Minecraft 1.12 That You Must Play!

Custom NPCs - 15 Minecraft Forge Mods You Must Play

1) Custom NPCs

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Custom NPCS has been around since Minecraft version 1.0 way back in 2011! Because of that, ti's been able to build on itself and be perfected over time. This mod has a lot to it, but to sum it up, Custom NPCs adds a set of tools to create NPCs with different roles/jobs and other functions. It gives creative players a way to liven up their world with fully customizable NPCs!

15 Mods For Minecraft 1.12 That You Must Play!

2) Optifine

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Optifine doesn't change the game much as you can tell from the screenshot above. What it does do is add upgraded and enhanced video settings allowing you to play Minecraft even if you have a bad computer. It also, however, can actually make Minecraft look even better than it does by default, so whether you are constantly lagging or looking for a visual upgrade, be sure to check out Optifine!

3) Pokecube

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Pokecube Revival adds over 600 Pokemon to Minecraft! Yes, I typed that right. This mod adds over 600 Pokemon to Minecraft, and they are constantly updating and adding more. It currently has everything from a badge system with leaders to being able to craft Pokeballs and catch Pokemon. This mod is incredible fun, and it is definitely a must try!

15 Minecraft Mods That You Must Play - Lucky Blocks
Artwork by Clayton Chowaniec

4) Lucky Block Mod

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Lucky Block has been apart of the Minecraft modding community for a very long time, and there is a reason they are still around. Lucky Block is incredibly fun. It's a simple concept. A few special blocks are added to the game, and when you break them either something good happens, like you are rewarded 10 diamonds, or something bad happens, like spawning the Ender Dragon in the overworld to kill you. The options and fun are truly endless!

The BiblioCraft Mod - 15 Minecraft Forge Mods That You Must Play

5) BiblioCraft

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BiblioCraft is a mod that started as a simple bookshelf mod and has expanded to so much more. From chairs and tables all the way back to bookshelves, this is a cool mod that can spice up any Minecraft build. If you're tired of making furniture in Minecraft that looks nothing like the real thing, you need to check out BiblioCraft!

6) VoxelMap

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VoxelMap is one of the best minimap mods for Minecraft in my opinion. In addition to the awesome minimap it adds in the top corner of the screen, VoxelMap has a full size, scrollable, zoomable world map that can be accessed at any time by pressing m” on your keyboard. From here, you can add waypoints, and see your entire single player world all-in-one glance. Check it out!

Schematica Mod - 15 Mods You Must Play in Minecraft 1.12

7) Schematica

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Schematica is a blueprinting mod for Minecraft. It allows you to display a ghost image of a schematic file inside Minecraft to rebuild a structure or export any part of your world (or a server's world) into a schematic file. This means if you need to copy something from one world to another, Schematica can help you do that. Just save a schematic file, and load it into your other world. Boom you can now rebuild it without any issues!

Harvest - 15 Forge Mods You Must Play in Minecraft

8) Pam's HarvestCraft

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Pam's Harvest Craft is a fun Minecraft mod that adds all kinds of new foods and plants to Minecraft. From apple trees to beats, it truly does add it all. It actually may be a bit overwhelming when you first discover all of the crazy new foods that have been added to the game when you install this mod.

Check out our article on how to download & install CrazyCraft 3.0!

Malisis Doors Minecraft Mod - 15 Mods You Must Try in Minecraft Forge

9) MalisisDoors

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MalisisDoors is a cool mod that adds a TON of doors, ladders, and trap doors to Minecraft. It can really help take your creativity to the next level. If you are looking for more doors in Minecraft, this is the mod for you!

Storage Drawers - An Epic Minecraft Forge Mod That Adds Storage To Minecraft

10) Storage Drawers

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This mod increases the storage available in Minecraft by adding a drawer system. Doesn't it suck to have 15 chests full of cobblestone? Storage drawers helps fix that problem. It allows you to put all of those same items into drawers that are conveniently labeled on the front that way you don't even have to remember what goes where!

Tinkers Construct - 15 Minecraft Mods You Must Play

11) Tinkers Construct

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Tinkers Construct is one of my personal favorite Minecraft mods. It adds a bunch of new ores to the game that can then be smelted to make all kinds of fun and different tools. From hammers to daggers to longsword and even shovels, this mod takes the tools in Minecraft to a completely new level. I recommend this mod to everyone and anyone who is looking to really take vanilla Minecraft to the next level.

Not Enough Items - 15 Minecraft Mods You Have To Play

12) NotEnoughItems

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NotEnoughItems is a fun extension to Minecraft. It allows you to see all of the crafting recipes in the game extremely easily, and depending on the game mod, you are able to get any item in the game via the NotEnoughItems menu. This can be extremely helpful when doing large builds in single player worlds that you eventually want to use for survival or adventure maps.

Sildur's Shaders - 15 Incredible Minecraft Forge Mods You Must Try

13) Sildur's Shaders

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If you have the PC capable of running it, Sildur's Shaders is one of the best Shader's Mods available.  It makes Minecraft look absolutely beautiful taking everything from the trees and water to the sun up a notch. You will be amazed by how good Minecraft looks once you have shaders installed and running!

Ruins The Mod - 15 Awesome Minecraft Mods That You Must Play

14) Ruins

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Ruins is an incredible Minecraft mod that adds tons of different buildings and structures to Minecraft. From towers to ships to air balloons, it truly does add it all. This is one of the best mods if you're looking for new buildings to explore and have fun in! 

Land of the Sun Resource Pack Download

15) The Gravestone Mod

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The Gravestone Mod allows you to be able to recover your stuff when dying. Instead of all your items in Minecraft going everywhere and disappearing after 5 minutes when you die, if you have this mod installed, all of your items will be stored in a gravestone that you can go back and recover whenever it is best for you. No more worry about losing your stuff!

And there you have it! Our list of the 15 mods for Minecraft 1.12 that you must play! These are by no means all the mods available for Minecraft 1.12, and you can check out more by clicking here. If you have a mod that you think we should add to the list, please comment below. We'll check it out, and we may add it to the list!


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