15 Resource Packs For Minecraft 1.20

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Minecraft resource packs can really change the look of the game They can take you to a far-off land, the middle ages, or the future. They can refresh the look of your favorite server or change the textures in your single player world. Resource packs and texture packs are one of the easiest ways to make big changes to your Minecraft experience, and because of that, here are 15 resource packs for Minecraft that will help refresh your game and keep it fun!

15 Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.20

John Smith Legacy Resource Pack - Best Minecraft Resource Packs

1) John Smith Legacy

John Smith is a wonderful old-timey feeling Minecraft texture pack. Having used John Smith for years, it takes Minecraft to the next level allowing for incredible graphics detail beyond what one would imagine is even possible in Minecraft. John Smith Legacy has a medieval feel and leaves no texture untouched. Overall, this resource pack makes Minecraft look a million times better!

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Minecraft CreatorPack

2) CreatorPack

The CreatorPack completely revamps the appearance of Minecraft. The textures in this pack are smooth, clean, and more detailed than the default Minecraft textures, and it is meant for all styles of building. From Medieval villagers to futuristic spaceships, this texture pack can look good in all situations!

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Clarity Minecraft Texture Pack

3) Clarity

Clarity has a great mix of the vanilla Minecraft style mixed with a bit of realism. Clarity strives to be pixel perfect with every item and block being well thought out. The pack's creator wanted to bring the perfect balance of realism and traditionalism while still keeping things looking like Minecraft, and I think they have done a great job at it!

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Epic Adventures Minecraft Texture Pack

4) Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures is a resource pack that mixes brighter colors with darker colors creating a truly great resource pack for adventuring and exploring in Minecraft. There is, however, some more modern and realistic elements in this back with bricks and stone being smoother and dirt being more gritty. Overall, this is a great resource pack!

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SapixCraft Original HD Texture Pack Download

5) SapixCraft Original HD

SapixCraft is a cartoon texture pack with a beautiful HD look. It truly is the best of both worlds, and it blows us away with the combination. Showcasing over-the-top HD views while still having a bright, fun, and happy cartoony texture that keeps the mood light and fun. 

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Dokucraft Dwarven Texture Pack Download - 15 Resource Packs For Minecraft

6) Dokucraft

Dokucraft is a long-standing, popular texture pack that has been used by many different Minecraft YouTubers over the years. It is a medieval Minecraft resource pack that takes you to the middle ages making it perfect for castles, middle age villages, and more! There are also three versions – light, high, and dark. This gives you plenty of options depending on the medieval style you are looking for in Minecraft.

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Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack Download

7) Sphax PureBDcraft

Sphax PureBDcraft is a comic book style texture pack for Minecraft. This is one of the best cartoon style texture packs on the list as it truly does make Minecraft look like a comic book. It also touches every Minecraft texture. From grass and stone bricks to animals and villagers, every single Minecraft texture has been changed into a comic book style with Sphax PureBDcraft!

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Modern Minecraft Texture Pack

8) ModernArch R

ModernArch R is the pinnacle of modern Minecraft resource packs. When you add Modern Arch to your game, it will make it look completely different and super realistic. Literally, it will feel as if you are in real life not Minecraft when you install this resource pack. This is especially true if you pair with a good shaders pack!

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Minecraft Bare Bones Texture Pack

9) Bare Bones

The Bare Bones resource pack takes Minecraft's textures and makes them super smooth and simplistic. This simplistic look is where the name, Bare Bones, comes from. I would, in a way, say that this texture pack has a bit of a cartoon look. That is because it takes and makes the default textures look so simplistic they almost look drawn out in a way. This really is a unique texture pack.

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Minecraft 3d Resource Pack

10) Classic 3D

3D resource packs blow my mind. They take the blocky nature of Minecraft, and expand on that giving blocks even more depth and texture. Classic 3D is a texture pack that actually does this to the default Minecraft textures. This makes things even cooler in my opinion as, while Minecraft blocks suddenly have a lot more detail, things still look like vanilla Minecraft.

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11) Excalibur

Excalibur is a Minecraft resource pack that is designed to enhance adventure and make exploring in Minecraft better. It brings kingdoms and villages alive while replacing 99% of texture and while maintaining the default charm that vanilla Minecraft has. This is all done while adding in random alternate blocks and 3D block improvements as well!

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Faithful Minecraft Resource Pack Download

12) Faithful

Faithful is one of our favorites here at TheBreakdown because it keeps ‘faithful' to Vanilla Minecraft. The creator's goal is to stay are true to the default Minecraft texture pack as possible while increasing quality and making it more HD. Check it out if you want to keep an authentic Minecraft experience while still using a resource pack.

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Minecraft Medieval Cartoon Resource Pack

13) Jicklus

Jicklus is a texture pack that has a medieval and cartoon mix. Textures are smooth, but they also have some detail. This makes buildings look absolutely incredible in this pack. Jicklus also is meant to be played with shaders, and when shaders is added, this pack really does shine. If you want a medieval cartoon resource pack, Jicklus for you!

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Minecraft Realism Texture Pack

14) LB Photo Realism Reload

LB Photo Realism Reload is a photo realistic resource pack based on work of LB Photo Realism. The main purpose of this resource pack is to make Minecraft look not only as realistic as possible, but also to make it look beautiful and attractive to new players. Things like dirt, trees, and grass look super true to real life, and LBPR is my favorite realistic Minecraft texture pack for that reason!

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Crisp Revival Minecraft Texture Pack

15) Crisp Revival

The Crisp Revival texture pack has a fantasy style with a rustic look. Its goal is to make adventuring in Minecraft feel more grand and fun. It does this by making textures easier on the eyes. There is some cartoon tones in addition to RPG styles. This truly gives Crisp Revival a unique look when compared to other packs on this list.

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16) Jolicraft

If you are looking for a fantasy-style texture pack, Jolicraft is the one for you! With this texture pack, you get vibrant textures with the goal of adding more whimsy to Minecraft. Pretty much every single texture has been touched, and in-my opinion, JoliCraft is the perfect mix of fantasy, medieval, and cartoon styles.

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And there you have it! Our list of the 15+ Resource Packs For Minecraft 1.20. These are by no means all the texture packs available for Minecraft 1.20, and you can check out more by clicking here. If you have a texture pack that you think we should add to the list, please comment below. We'll check it out, and we may add it to the list!


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