There are a TON of gaming chairs on the market, and because of that, it can be difficult to pick the one that is right for you. That is why we have created this list of the 17 best gaming chairs of 2018. We have spent days compiling this list in order to make sure that you are getting the best gaming chair that you possibly can. We looked at quality, price,

The 17 Best Gaming Chairs of 2018!

OPSeat - Great Gaming Chairs of 2018

1) OPSeat Grand Master

OPSeat is a deluxe gaming chair built for gamers who need a bit more room in their chair. With an incredible 30 inch width, the OPSeat Grand Master is an incredible gaming chair for those who need a little more space without breaking the bank. You can pick up an OPSeat for Grand Master for just $249.

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2) DXRacer

DXRacer is the OG gaming seat company. They brought gaming/racing seat style office chairs into the mainstream, and since then, they have been at the top of the industry. They have a TON of different options, and they have the brand name to back them up. The downside of this is their prices do tend to run a bit higher than everyone else.

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3) ClutchChairz

ClutchChairz has been around for a while, and they offer a few different types of gaming chairs. Focusing mostly on brand sponsorships with gaming YouTubers and brands such as the WWE, ClutchChairz are high-quality, but because of their branded deals typically run a bit higher priced than their competitors.

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Corsair T1 - Best PC Gaming Office Chair

4) The Corsair T1

With a high-quality, luxury look, the Corsair T1 is a beautiful looking chair. It offers 4D adjustable armrests, heavy-duty nylon wheels, high-quality neck and lumbar pillows with reinforced automotive stitching, and of course, a fully reclining rear back, so you can choose what angle you want to play! The Corsair T1 is currently priced at $279 on Amazon which is good value for the quality of the chair.

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5) GT Omega EVO XL

The GT Omega EVO XL is an executive gaming racing chair that features everything you would expect from a $350+ chair. From 4D adjustable armrests to extremely plush back and neck pillows to an aluminum base, the EVO XL truly does have it all. This is a great chair for someone who is looking for a bigger than average gaming chair.

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Ergohuman Mesh Executive Office Chair - Aweome Desk Chairs For Gaming

6) Ergohuman Mesh Back High Back Chair

The Ergohuman Mesh, High Back chair isn't a traditional gaming chair, but it is worth mentioning. It is an executive chair offers tilt tension control, lock, and synchro tilt, seat & back height adjustments, seat depth adjustments, and arm height adjustments. Additionally, the Ergohuman offers both a pivoting headrest and arms. Overall, what sets this chair apart is its level of adjustments. You can control absolutely everything, and the more you can control, the more options you have for comfort.

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7) E-WIN Gaming Chair

The E-WIN Gaming Chair is a racing style PC gaming chair that is specially designed for the ‘big guy' with a maximum weight of up to 450 pounds. Thus, if you are a ‘bigger guy', this is probably the chair for you. It has a high-quality, metal base, lumbar and neck pillows, 4D armrests, and much more! This chair truly is the complete package!

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X Rocker 5143601 with Built in Speakers - Incredible Console Gaming Chairs .psd

8) X-Rocker 5143601

The X-Rocker 514301 is what I would call an ‘old school' gaming chair. It's not the racing seat style that we've gotten used to. The X-Rocker has speakers built directly into the seat, so you can experience the game sound directly in your seat. The X-Rocker allows you to experience the game you are playing on another level.

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9) Merax Mid-Back Executive Chair

The Merax Mid-Back Executive Chair is a budget gaming chair coming in at just $79. Now, the price doesn't come with some sacrifice. This chair is a mid-back chair, so it doesn't go all the way up your entire back. It will come up about half way leaving the top of your back completely unsupported. With that being said, however, this is the best mid-back gaming chair we have been able to find when considering comfort and budget!

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10) SecretLab Gaming Chairs

SecretLab makes incredible, high-quality, luxury gaming chairs that start at $299. You are paying for quality at SecretLab, and their chairs are some of the highest quality on the market. If you want people to see your gaming chair and go ‘Damn! That is luxurious AF!', this is most definitely the game chair for you.

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Noble Chairs - Top Gaming Chairs of 2018

11) NobleChairs

With a beautiful quilted leather look on all of their chairs, NobleChairs offers beautiful, luxurious looking gaming chairs for less than $350. Their chairs are high-quality and custom crafted. You will not find a chair like what NobleChairs offers. They are 100% unique, and the perfect for a luxurious gamer on a budget!

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12) Vertagear S-Line

The Vertagear S-Line is a beautiful racing series gaming chair. It offers quick and easy ‘slide-in' style assembly, a heavy-duty, 5-star metal base, lumbar and neck pillows, and an incredibly durable PVC leather. For just $299, the Vertagear S-Line is a great chair at a fair price!

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13) X-Rocker 5125401

Yet another awesome chair from X-Rocker, the 5125401 offers AWESOME in chair audio with a high-quality base which makes it perfect for the gamer that doesn't want to be sitting on the floor while they game. The X-Rocker 5125401 also features a built-in sound system allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game you are playing.

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Killabee Big & Tall Gaming Racing Chair - Best Racing Gaming Chairs of 2018

14) The KILLABEE Big and Tall

The KILLABEE Big and Tall gaming chair is for big and tall gamers who still want to be comfortable during long gaming sessions. It features 3D armrests, an adjustable back, adjustable, ergonomic back and neck pillows, and above all that, it's built for extra large gamers to be as comfortable as possible.

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15) AKRacing Player

The AKRacing Player gaming chair comes in at $349, and it features a beautiful look with ergonomic design uniquely built for long hours of gaming. The AKRacing Player also features cold molded foam allowing for extreme comfort over years and years of continued use. This chair is built to last!

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16) Turismo Racing Ancora

The Turismo Racing Ancora is an incredible gaming chair for the price. For just $200, you can get an ergonomically designed gaming racing chair. The Ancora has supportive back and neck pillows in addition to a fully adjustable back and armrests. The Ancora also features an aluminum base that can support up to 350 pounds!

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Ficmax Gaming Chair - 18 Best Gaming Chairs in 2018

17) Ficmax Gaming Chair

Last but not least on our list is the Ficmax gaming chair. The Ficmax is a large, durable gaming chair with adjustable lumbar and neck pillows, high-quality PU leather, and uniquely, a built-in USB power electric messager, so you can get a message during your long gaming sessions.

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