The average cost of a new full-size SUV is around $41,000, and most of these SUVs lack the luxuries you’d expect in a car that costs that much. This leads me to believe the best option for someone looking for a new SUV is to look into the option of a used luxury SUV that you can now pickup for under $40,000. Some of these SUVs were on the border of $100,000 new, but thanks to depreciation, these 6 SUVs have now made our list of best used luxury SUVs under $40,000.

Best Used Luxury SUVs Under $40,000

Land Rover LR4

The Land Rover LR4 is an automotive icon, and the Land Rover heritage dates back decades. The LR4 also happens to be one of the most capable Land Rovers ever produced by the British manufacturer, and most of the reliability “kinks” from the earlier LR3 have been worked out in the later years of the LR4.

For a while, the LR4 jumped in price after the new Discovery was released since so many people disliked the tailgate/license plate design. Luckily, the LR4 has done the Land Rover thing and dropped back down in price. You can now pickup a well-kept Land Rover LR4 for under $40,000. Even better – early LR4 models are around $20,000.

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace - Best Used Luxury SUVs

I know you may be thinking that the F-Pace is not necessarily a “full-size” SUV, but hear me out. The Jaguar F-Pace is likely the newest luxury SUV that could make the list of being under $40,000 used. Thanks to forces unknown to the Car Gods, Jaguars (and Land Rovers) depreciate faster than almost any other car on the market.

For us, that means the F-Pace, which was around $55,000 just a year ago, can be purchased for around $40,000 now. The F-Pace has some of the coolest tech available out of any of the cars on the list, and if you’re looking for an SUV that fits in with the rest of the world, the F-Pace is just for you!

Audi Q7

Audi has been making their luxury SUV for quite a few years now, and even the 2015 models are starting to reach their way under $40,000. While the Audi may not have the best looking interior in the world, it does offer one thing over the rest – road presence.

On top of that, if you drive an Audi, you’re automatically entitled to the “fast lane” no matter what speed you’re traveling at (usually 95 MPH in a 55). But with all jokes aside, the Audi Q7 is one VERY powerful SUV, and the German engineering will keep this luxury SUV going for years!

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade - Best Used Luxury SUVs

The Escalade is a personal favorite of mine. I would never own one, as the brand never outgrew 2002 flashy design. The Escalade also uses some horribly cheap plastics and other materials compared to the competition, but it remains an icon in the automotive and rap industry. Truthfully, though, I love the Escalade. It’s shouts it’s wealth and presence to everyone in it’s path and doesn’t apologize for it. Plus, Tiger Woods owned one, so you’ll fit in at the golf course.

The Cadillac Escalade has been with us since the 90s, but even the latest model is depreciating just as you would expect. You can now pickup high milage new models in the high $39,900s, but the previous generation is a gem right now. A well-maintained Escalade from 2013 will be yours for around $30,000. If you can ignore the flashy chrome design and Chevy Silverado plastics, you’ll be very happy in your mom mobile.

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Mercedes-Benz G500

Mercedes-Benz G500 - Best Used Luxury SUVs

First of all, I am in no way condoning that someone purchase an early 2000s Mercedes-Benz G500. They are HORRIBLE quality for the money, but if you’re worried about losing your wallet on depreciation, count on the G Class. I have never seen a luxury SUV with such questionable quality and reliability hold it’s value so well, but then again, the design looks the same as the 2017.

The G500 is one incredibly large show-stopper, and people will notice you everywhere you go. If you can ignore ridiculous maintenance costs and no rear leg room, the Mercedes-Benz G500 may just be one of the best used luxury SUVs for you. Just be sure to have it inspected before purchase.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne Turbo - Best Used Luxury SUVs

The wonderful Cayenne returns to another Breakdown Automotive list with the later models making our list of best used luxury SUVs under $40,000. While the first generation Cayenne is uglier than sin and poorly put together, Porsche made some much needed improvements with the second generation Porsche Cayenne, which can now be picked up for under $40,000.

In all fairness, I think the Cayenne is the best car on the list of best used luxury SUVs under $40,000. Here’s why. The Land Rover is the best choice, but it’s obvious to choose that. The Escalade is ridiculous, and the Q7 is the opposite – a bit dull. The G500 is questionable, but the Porsche is just right. It’s not the newest like the F-Pace, but it’s far from lacking. It’s a truly spectacular vehicle.

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