BreakdownCraft Server Official Launch – Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server

By Patrick Fassler •  Updated: 09/12/21 •  3 min read

Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server:

Ever since the launch of our first Minecraft Multiplayer Server, we've been striving to create something even bigger and better for the community to come and play Minecraft Multiplayer with their friends and other players around the world! It's now finally time that we launch our newest and best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server to the public – BreakdownCraft.

We're starting off the server with a completely Survival-based experience where players can join and play the game as they normally would with some added enhancements such as shops, warps, homes, and grief prevention claims! We're also giving all of the players on our Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server the chance to vote for our next game mode.

Join Our Discord Server

Once you join into for our Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server, you have the option of selecting a portal to walk through. At the time of launch, all of these portals will take you directly to the 1.19 Survival-based world, but coming soon, different portals will take you to Factions, Prisons, KitPVP, and Parkour worlds.

If you want to vote on which game mode we launch next, be sure to join our Discord Chat where you can vote on new updates to the server, chat with other players, and join in the voice channels to talk with staff members!

Check Out Broken Island on YouTube

As for now, BreakdownCraft is a purely Survival-based experience with added bonuses such as grief prevention, in-game shops for buying and selling items, multiple structures and mineshafts to explore, a strong community of players, and access to certain commands. BreakdownCraft is truly the best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server experience with what we call an “Enchanted” Survival experience!

On top of the already incredible aspects to our Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server, we also have multiple YouTube Creators recording Let's Play Series on the server. Right now, Broken Island is being recorded on the BreakdownCraft 1.19 Survival Server, which is a spin on the Lonely Island series created by other YouTubers.

BreakdownCraft Server Store

BreakdownCraft is a 1.19+ server network that provides a fun, community-focused experience for everyone who decides to join. At our store, you can buy ranks, items, commands, and other perks to help support the server and keep it running every single day.  Thank you very, very much for your purchases.

Purchase & Payments

Before purchasing, please make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username. We cannot transfer packages from one player to another. After you confirm your purchase, you will get your items in-game within 30 minutes. If you purchase while you aren't on the server, no worries! You will get the items and ranks the next time you log-in.

With that being said, if you do not receive your orders, contact our support via Discord. We will help you out right away!

Note for eCheck purchases: We do accept eCheck payments through PayPal, however, these payments can take up to 14 days to process. Because of this, ranks and items purchased through eCheck will not be provided until the eCheck has cleared.

Server Rules

Before playing, be sure to check out our server rules on It is extremely important that all players follow the rules listed on this page. Server staff are in place to help and make sure all players have a fair and even experience on our Minecraft 1.19 Survival Server!

We hope to see you on the Server!

Patrick Fassler

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