Everyone wants to get PC games as cheap as possible, but sometimes, it's hard to find a deal. That is why we want to outline how to buy PC games cheap in 2018, so you can always be sure you are getting the absolute best deal possible. I would recommend going through every retailer on this list in order to find the best deal. Compare prices and find the one that is currently offering the best price. Nevertheless, let's get on into the list!

How To Buy PC Games Cheap in 2018

How To Get PC Games Cheap in 2018 - G2A

1) G2A

G2A has been my longtime favorite when it comes to getting discounted PC games. They have a HUGE selection, and overall, I feel like they have one of the best systems for ensuring the key you get is working and usable. G2A is also very willing to mend any issues you have in a timely manner which is something I can't say about other companies on this list. Because of this, I have been known to pay a few more dollars to buy games on G2A instead of some of the other places on this list all because I trust G2A more. On top of that thought, G2A typically has the best prices from my experience running anywhere from 3%-10% lower than the competition.

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Best Ways To Get PC Games Cheap - Kinguin

2) Kinguin

On a similar trustworthiness level as G2A, Kinguin is a top player in the discounted PC games market. They have good prices, and I have never had a bad experience using their service. Similar to G2A, Kinguin is very good at managing their keys, and they do their best to ensure every key they sell is working great. If it isn't, they are quick to resolve the issue and get you one that is. One thing I love about Kinguin is they run some INCREDIBLE deals. From simple weekend deals to huge black Friday blowouts, when Kinguin discounts their games, they don't mess around.

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Buy Steam Games Cheap in 2018 - CDKeys

3) CDKeys

CDKeys has been around for a VERY long time. Having originally started off selling software like Microsoft Office, they have transitioned into gaming nearly 100% at this point. CDKeys prices are about middle of the road, and because of this, they are near the middle of this list. Sometimes, you can find a really good deal, but usually, G2A or Kinguin has them beat. I also personally don't trust CDKeys as much as I do the rest of the sites on this list, so be sure you know what you are doing if you are going to purchase from CDKeys.

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How To Get Steam Games Cheap - Green Man Gaming

4) GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is of the more trustworthy sites on this list. The reason for this is that, with GreenManGaming, there is no middleman involved. GreenManGaming purchases all of their keys directly from developers, and in doing so, they cut out the middleman that exists on the above three sites. The downside to this is that their prices run a little bit higher than others. I personally purchase new games from GreenManGaming. They typically run them 10%-15% off retail prices, and I know the keys are legitimate because they purchased directly from the developer.

Check out GreenManGaming!

Get PC Games Cheap in 2018 - Humble Bundle

5) Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has come a long way from where it started. No longer can you just buy indie games in a weekly or monthly bundle; they now have their very own store where you can typically find various games 10%-25% off. In addition to this, they do still offer their bundle deals, and a new $12/month subscription where you can get over $100 worth of games delivered to your inbox every month. The entire system is really cool, and a portion of every sale is still given to a charity. It truly is a great way to buy games!

Take a look at what Humble Bundle has to offer!

How To Get PC Games Cheap -Steam Sales

6) Steam

At the end of the day, Steam is the easiest and most convenient way to buy PC games, so be sure to check there for deals as well. Sometimes, during Steam sales, games are much cheaper on Steam than on the above sites. A recent example of this for me is Planet Coaster. It was on sale via Steam for $20, but it was selling for $26 on G2A. Thus, it is important to make sure the game want isn't discounted on Steam before buying it somewhere else. Like I said, buying games on Steam is just easy.

See if there are any Steam Sales!

If there are any websites you want to see added to this list, please post them in the comments down below. You can also check out our video tutorial on how to buy PC games cheap in 2018 by clicking here. Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

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