The 2014 BMW 428i is one of the greatest cars to come out of the BMW brand in the past 5 years. It’s moderately practical for a two door coupe, looks stunning, handles like a dream, and even though it has a small engine, the power is plentiful. However, the BMW 4 Series, much like every other BMW, is not necessarily the cheapest car to maintain. Let’s break down the cost to own a BMW 4 Series.

Before I jump into this, I do want to clarify one thing. Over the last 12 months, our BMW 428i has had over 32,000 miles put on the car. Our ownership expenses for our 4 Series are a little skewed because of this.

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Cost to Own A BMW 4 Series

Purchase Price

Our BMW 428i was purchased in January 2017 with around 50,000 miles for $24,000. At the time of purchasing, that was an OK deal. It’s not a price you could buy at to resell for a profit in a few months, but it was a fair price for daily use. The part where it gets interesting, though, is the additional financing of the negative equity from our trade-in.

Three months before we purchased the BMW 428i, we bought a BMW 750Li xDrive. In the three months we owned the car, it lost around $7,000 in value from being driven about 3,000 miles. $7,000 that was then added onto the purchase price for the BMW 428i, which comes out to $31,000.

Because of the massive purchase price for the used BMW 4 Series with over 50,000 miles, the monthly payment ended up being $491.52. After one year of owning the car, we’ve paid a total of $5,898.24 towards the balance of the car loan. While it isn’t the worst monthly payment I’ve seen, it’s still pretty crazy that the financed amount was this high due to the 7 Series we had before.

Gas & Insurance

Because of the small turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, the BMW 428i actually gets very good gas milages for a RWD sports car. If we didn’t take it for so many enthusiastic drives, we could probably average around 30 MPG around town, but since we love driving the car, it usually averages around 24.4 MPG.

Each month, we spend about $120 on gas, which ends up being about $1,440 every year.

On top of that, there’s also the question of insurance. This one is pretty simple. For full coverage on the BMW 428i, we pay about $181.96 monthly. That adds up to $2,183.52/year.

These expenses aren’t too bad when you consider the car was driven over 32,000 miles in 12 months, but they do factor into the cost to own a BMW 4 Series.

Maintenance & Service

You would expect that for driving a used BMW over 32,000 miles in one year that the maintenance and service would be astronomical. You would be correct. Over the last 12 months, we’ve spent $4,732.40 on maintenance and repairs.

Truthfully, though, that isn’t too bad as it works out to just over $1,000 every 10,000 miles. The car had two oil leaks, 4 tires replaced, brakes, brake fluid, oil changes, and other regular maintenance set for the BMW. The cost to own a BMW 4 Series truly isn’t too bad as far as maintenance goes. Our issue with it came from driving it so many miles.

Overall Cost to Own A BMW 4 Series

The overall cost to own a BMW 4 Series (428i) for one year and 32,000 has been… $14,254. The cost per month works out to around $1,187.85. Not too bad for a car that has been driven as much as we drive this one.

Next up, though, is a new set of tires, which will come in at about $800. So don’t worry; the cost to own a BMW 4 Series is about to jump up even higher!

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