Download X-Ray for Minecraft Bedrock

Bedrock 1.21 X-Ray

Bedrock 1.20 X-Ray

Bedrock 1.19 X-Ray

What is this page?

Currently, this hosts TheBreakdown's X-Ray for Minecraft Bedrock Edition resource pack. As we create more texture packs, though, this will become a hub for all of our own resources.

It is worth noting that we do not host downloads for any texture packs or mods that we do not have license to. We do, however, have great Minecraft tutorials that will direct you to the official download links for all of the mods and texture packs they cover.

Interested in Distributing Your Work Through

We are always looking to create and/or purchase rights to Minecraft mods and texture packs. If you have one of these packs with an established fanbase (100,000+ downloads), reach out via the information on our contact page. We would love to work something out!