How To Install OptiFine in Minecraft

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OptiFine is a Minecraft mod that allows you to increase performance, use shaders packs, and improve the graphics of Minecraft. This makes OptiFine one of the most versatile Minecraft graphics mods as you can both reduce lag in Minecraft and increase Minecraft's graphics all with one mod. With this article, we will show you exactly how to install OptiFine and use it in Minecraft.

What this Optifine guide will cover:

How To Download OptiFine

Step 1: Access the OptiFine Download Page

OptiFine hosts it's downloads on it's own dedicated download page. You can access the OptiFine download page at or by clicking the big Download OptiFine button above.

Step 2: Locate the Version of OptiFine You Want

On the OptiFine download page, you will see the most recent version by default. You can access older versions of OptiFine by clicking the ‘Show all versions' link. All previous versions will then appear. Luckily the download and installation process is the same for all versions of OptiFine.

Download Any Optifine Version

Step 3: Download OptiFine for Minecraft

Now that you have located the version of OptiFine you want to download, you can download it by clicking on the ‘mirror' link to the right of this version. This will take you directly to that version's download page bypassing an advertisement.

On the actual download page for the version of OptiFine you want, there will be a download button under the file on this page. Click this download button and OptiFine will begin downloading. You may need to keep or save the file depending on your browser.

Optifine Version Download Page

How To Install OptiFine

Step 1: Open The OptiFine Installer

With OptiFine downloaded, we can move on to installing it. The first step of this is opening up the OptiFine Installer. This is actually the OptiFine file you downloaded. To open the installer, right-click it and click ‘Open with'. Then, select ‘Java' and click ‘Okay'.

Open Optifine Installer

Step 2: Install OptiFine with the Installer

With the OptiFine Installer open, it is super easy to get OptiFine installed. Just click the ‘Install' button, and the mod will start installing.

Step 4 - How To Download & Install Optifine

After a few seconds, a box will appear that confirms OptiFine is successfully installed. The only reason this may not be the case is if you haven't installed the most recent version of Minecraft. You can do this by just running the game from the Minecraft Launcher with NO MODS. Once you do this, you will be able to get OptiFine.

Step 5 - How To Install Optifine in Minecraft

How To Play Minecraft with OptiFine

Step 1: Select The OptiFine Profile in The Launcher

OptiFine is installed, but to play Minecraft with it, you will need to open up the Minecraft Launcher. Then, once you are in the Minecraft Launcher, click on the little up arrow next to the ‘PLAY' button. From there, you want to look for a version that is titled ‘OptiFine'. Click that version and hit ‘PLAY'.

Opening Optifine in The Minecraft Launcher

Step 2: Confirm You Want to Play Modded Minecraft

A little window will then appear with a green ‘PLAY' button in the bottom right. Click that and Minecraft will open up with OptiFine. You now know how to install OptiFine in Minecraft!

How to Use OptiFine in Minecraft

Increasing FPS with OptiFine

One of OptiFine's primary use cases is decreasing lag and increasing FPS in Minecraft. You can do this, as well as access all of the settings OptiFine adds to Minecraft by navigating to Options and Video Settings. From there, you can set up OptiFine to reduce lag in Minecraft. As a general rule, everything either needs to be set to the ‘Fast' setting or ‘Off'. We have an in-depth video guide on getting the highest FPS possible out of Minecraft below.

Installing Shaders Packs

The ability to use shaders is actually what makes Minecraft the most popular Minecraft mod of all time. Luckily, this is pretty easy once you have OptiFine installed.

Step 1: Downloading a Shaders Pack

The first step of installing shaders with OptiFine is downloading a shaders pack. There are hundreds of shaders packs to choose from, but you can check out our list of Minecraft shaders packs to find the perfect one for you. When you do, click the download button under it and go through that pack's download process. Unfortunately, it is different for every shaders pack.

Where to download MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders on CurseForge. Keep in mind ever shader pack has a different download process.

Step 2: Install Shaders with OptiFine

With your shaders downloaded, you need to open up Minecraft with OptiFine. From there, go to Options, Video Settings, Shaders. Then, click on the ‘Shaders Packs' button in the bottom right of the Shaders menu.

Optifine Shaders Button

All you need to do to install shaders now is drag and drop your shaders pack into this shaders pack folder. You can add as many shaders packs as you want, and it is even possible to easily switch between shaders in-game.

Step 3: Activate Your Shaders in Minecraft

The last step is activating your shaders. Do this by clicking on it in the shaders menu in Minecraft. Again, that can be accessed in Options, Video Settings, Shaders. With a pack selected, you can edit your shaders options by clicking the button in the bottom right of the shaders menu.

You can also switch shaders packs in game by going to the shaders menu from the escape/options menu.

How to Zoom with OptiFine

One little feature that OptiFine adds to Minecraft is the ability to zoom in on things. Basically, it takes your camera and allows you to look at things a bit closer. This is great for looking at details on textures or spotting something from far away.

To zoom in with OptiFine, just press ‘C' on your keyboard. OptiFine will zoom wherever you are looking. You can even look around while you are zoomed in making it easy to follow players and mobs while using zoom.

You can change the key that OptiFine uses for zoom as well. To do this by going to Options, Controls, Key Binds. Locate ‘Zoom' under the Miscellaneous tab. Click on the key listed next to zoom, C by default, and press the key you want to change OptiFine zoom to. You can now use that key to zoom in when you are in-game!

Change OptiFine Zoom Key

Purchasing an OptiFine Cape

Capes are one of the best ways to support OptiFine's development. It is also one of the only ways to get a custom cape in Minecraft where a lot of other players will see it. This is because millions of players use OptiFine and any player who uses OptiFine will be able to see your cape.

Find out how to get your own OptiFine cape!

Troubleshooting Issues with OptiFine

While our goal is to give a completely issue-free experience when adding OptiFine to Minecraft, issues will occasionally occur. For this reason, we want to make sure we go over how to fix problems with OptiFine after you have it installed.

What to do if you can't open the OptiFine Installer?

So you have the OptiFine Installer downloaded, but you can't open it with Java. No matter what you try, Java isn't anywhere to be found. You may also that the OptiFine file looks very different from what we have downloaded. This is all caused by not having Java for Minecraft.

You need to get Java setup for Minecraft in order to open the OptiFine Installer. You may also need to run the Jarfix to link all the .jar files on your computer to Java. Doing this after installing Java will ensure that OptiFine will open without issues. 

How to add an OptiFine installation to the Minecraft Launcher

If you get into the Minecraft Launcher after successfully installing OptiFine and don't have an OptiFine installation, what do you do? Well, the answer is very simple.

From the Minecraft Launcher, click ‘Installations' at the top. Then, click the ‘+ New' button. A window will appear where you can create a new Minecraft installation. Name this Optifine, and click the version drop-down box.

In the version drop-down box, click on the OptiFine version here. The numbers around the version may differ, but it should save OptiFine and the version of Minecraft you installed OptiFine for on it. Then, click ‘Save'. You now play Minecraft with OptiFine.

Can you use OptiFine with Forge?

Yes, you can use OptiFine with Forge. How do you use OptiFine and Forge together? Well, you will need to download OptiFine just like you are when you are installing OptiFine without Forge.

After that, it is time to install Forge using our in-depth Forge installation guide. Lastly, add OptiFine to your Minecraft mods folder exactly like you would any other Forge mod.

Something weird worth noting though is that once OptiFine is in your mods folder, it won't show up in the ‘Mods' section in Minecraft. The only way to confirm OptiFine is installed is by going to Minecraft's Video Settings. There, you will see your current OptiFine version in the bottom right as well as

Is it possible to use OptiFine with Fabric?

Just like Forge, it is possible to use OptiFine with the Fabric Mod Loader. With that being said, it is a bit more difficult than Forge.

The reason for this as you need to download the OptiFabric Mod in addition to OptiFine. Then, both of these mods will be added to your mods folder. OptiFabric acts as a bridge making OptiFine compatible with Fabric. This will allow you to play OptiFabric with Fabric mods though. All features work with Fabric as well including shaders!

Here is our guide on installing OptiFabric. Once you have OptiFabric, just add OptiFine to your Fabric mods folder.

How can you fix the OpenGL error in OptiFine

You've joined into Minecraft with OptiFine and your chat is being spammed constantly with a weird OpenGL error. Is this error something you should worry about?

No, you shouldn't be worried about an OpenGL error in OptiFine? How can I be so sure of this? Well, you can disable these errors from displaying super easily.

Just open Minecraft and go into Options, Video Settings, Other. Then, turn the ‘Show GL Error' setting to ‘Off'. Doing this will suppress these errors from showing in chat effectively making them disappear.

How To Fix the GL Error in OptiFine


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