Optifine is one of the most downloaded Minecraft mods ever made, and in this article, we will teach you how to download & install Optifine in Minecraft. What started out as just a simple that mod that increased performance has grown to do so much more. Now, Optifine not only helps you run Minecraft fast with no lag, but it also can increase the graphics of Minecraft making it look absolutely beautiful. No matter what you're looking to use Optifine for, this article will teach you how to download and install it!

How To Download Optifine in Minecraft
Click here to download Optifine!

How To Download & Install Optifine In Minecraft

Step 1 - How To Download & Install Optifine in Minecraft

Step 1) Download Optifine

You can't install Optifine if you don't have it downloaded, so step one is to click here and go download Optifine. Most likely, you'll want the latest version available, and I would always recommend getting the ‘Ultra' version as that is going to have the most features. Once you've found the version you want, click the ‘(mirror)' link/button next to it.

Click here to go to the Optifine download page.

Step 2 - How To Download & Install Optifine in Minecraft

After that, you will be taken to a page with a bunch of ads. In the middle of all of these ads, you will see ‘Download OptiFine' with the version right after that. Click this, and Optifine will automatically download! You may need to confirm that Optifine is a safe file, and judging by the millions of download it has had, I can confirm it is. Now, that you've sorted through all of the download pages, it's on to the next step!

Step 3 - How To Download & Install Optifine in Minecraft

Step 2) Open The Optifine Installer

Once you've downloaded Optifine, it's time to open up the Optifine Installer. This is actually pretty simple as well. All you'll need to do is right-click on the downloaded file, select ‘open with', and then click ‘Java(TM) Platform SE binary'. Once you do this, a little program will open up.

Step 4 - How To Download & Install Optifine

Step 3) Install Optifine

If any part of this tutorial is easy, this is probably it. Once you've gotten the Optifine Installer open, all you have to do in order to actually install the mod is click the ‘Install' button. From there, Optifine will magically install itself! After a few minutes, a box will pop-up that says “OptiFine is successfully installed.'

Step 5 - How To Install Optifine in Minecraft

Note: Be sure to have the most recent version of Minecraft installed. You can do this by just running the game from the Minecraft Launcher with NO MODS. If you don't have the most recent version of Minecraft installed, Optifine will not be able to be installed. 

Step 4) Opening Minecraft W/ Optifine

You're not done installing Optifine just yet. Now, you need to open up the normal Minecraft launcher and click the little up arrow next to the ‘PLAY' button. From there, you want to look for a version that is titled ‘Optifine'. Click that version and hit ‘PLAY'!

Step 7 - How To Play Minecraft with Optifine

Step 5) Enjoy Optifine in Minecraft!

Congratulations. You now know how to download & install Optifine in Minecraft! With Optifine perfectly installed, optimizing Minecraft's graphics has never been so easy. If you want to speed up the game, turn the graphics down, if you want to make it look like a futuristic, MMO RPG, turn everything up to 11. The choice is yours. With that being said, if you’ve got any questions or if you have any problems with getting Optifine installed and working in your game, just post a comment below. We’ll do the best we can to help you out!

If you prefer tutorials in a video format, click here to see our video on How To Download & Install Optifine in Minecraft. Also, please remember. If you want an awesome Minecraft server, check out GameServers. They are the best around!


  1. I’ve waited quite a long time for the 1.15.2 optifine to officially release and is still in preview… I’ve seen that other people have it available and I was just wondering if there’s any chance I could fix that. Thanks. 😀

  2. I installed Optifine, but when i run it, it asks to make changes to my device. When i click ‘yes’, it says, “unable to install Java” and that there are errors. Please help! Thanks.

  3. Théodore

    i was completely lost in all the java problems i had by trying to fix it alone or with other websites until i found this one. So I dont post this comment because I still have a problem but because you fixed all the ons I culd have. Keep it up, you’re doing a super job !

  4. Whenever I try to install 1.15.2 for Optifine, I download it fine- but when it comes to actually open it to get it started- it doesn’t let me open it with Java. It has to be opened with an App, or browser, or even something like drop box. I tried it just to try it, and it obviously didn’t work. What can I do?

  5. my optifine is on and everything for mine craft, but my minecraft crashes with “unexpected errors” immediately

  6. Rebecca Chivers

    Hi! I’ve downloaded it but when I press open with I don’t seem to have that java binary option. Do you know how I can download that or find it?

  7. I downloaded this yesterday, and it worked fine, but now when I try and run Minecraft with optifine it crashes after the Mojang loading screen; saying something about stitching error.

  8. I downloaded java, jar fix, and I’ve tried to download optifine many times and have tried to get help from friends but every time i install it, it doesn’t show in my versions on the launch page, and I’ve looked through the installations and it isn’t there. i don’t know why it isn’t showing up, i thought i did everything right?? Please help!

  9. I have installed optifine but when I open minecraft It won’t allow me to press the shaders tab in video settings

    • Optifine 1.15.2 doesn’t have shaders just yet as it is in beta. Just download the 1.14.4 version of Optifine, and you’ll be able to install shaders without any problems!

  10. I’ve downloaded everything and everything works but i cannot seem to click on the shaders tab at all. it’s blacked out and nothing happens when i click on it.
    Do you know how i can solve this?

    • Optifine 1.15.2 doesn’t have shaders just yet as it is in beta. Just download the 1.14.4 version of Optifine, and you’ll be able to install shaders without any problems!

  11. When I click “Install on the optifine launcher it says “You must have played v1.14.3 of Minecraft” but when I open the MC launcher there is no v1.14.3 selection, Im on 1.14.4 and i only have 2 options which are regular 1.14.4 and “snapshot 1.14.4” help please.

  12. Whenever I download optifine with the newest version of minecraft, I go to launch settings, and go to version, and never see a .optifine version. Please help.

  13. i click the mirror link but it downloaded it as a zip file,not a jar.

  14. When I install OptiFine I just have a bunch of folders, no like laucher??
    What do I do?

  15. When I try to download optifine on my Mac it says I also have to download a JDK, I don’t know what to do because its not letting be download it.

  16. When I download the optifine file I just get a bunch of folders. I don’t get the optifine launcher. How do I fix it?

  17. When I download the optifine file I just get a bunch of folders. I don’t get the optifine launcher.

  18. Dragos Gaming

    When I install Optifine hd ultra, latest for 1.12.2, and I run optifine from the launch menu, I cannot use any resource packs. My resource packs immediately become disabled as soon as I attempt to enable them. Resource packs are also for 1.12.2, tried this with resource packs that I have used in the past on a previous install of minecraft, same version, so I know they work. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  19. I have that same problem. I run the installer but only thing that happens is the comand prompt flashes and it doesnt run. I have installed the java SDK but nothing changed.

  20. Hello Nic
    i just have a quick question can i have optifine with y mods? if i can how.
    i will be waiting for your further response.

  21. Nic,

    Thanks for responding. I followed your steps and got the same results. I uninstalled java to begin with and install the version you suggested from your link. The command prompt screen flashes when I run the .jar file but no install program comes up. I’ve been troubleshooting this for days with no success.

    Thanks again

  22. I have been trying for days to install OptiFine with no luck. I have downloaded the file from the optifine.net/downloads page by clicking both the download (downloads an install.exe file which does nothing but try to install unwanted programs) and the mirror link which downloads the .jar file. I tried to open it with java but nothing but a command prompt screen flashes and no install program is available. Not sure why this is so difficult but nothing I seem to do is working. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • You need to download the .jar file from the mirror link. Try installing the Java SDK and see if that fixes the issues. It sounds like that may be the problem. https://TheBreakdown.xyz/Java

      Once you have that downloaded and installed, right click on Optifine, select ‘Open With’, and then select, ‘Java TM Platform SE Binary’.

  23. Temperance Johnson


  24. If I’m ever lost or clueless you sir are the first person i go to.

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