How To Use The Jarfix to Repair .jar Files on Your PC

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When it comes to .jar files, they can sometimes be a bit of pain. From randomly not opening to suddenly not allowing you to edit, change, or even move them, .jar files are, in my opinion, some of the worst files to deal with. The truth is, however, many of us have to deal with them on a daily basis. Because of this, it is important to know about the Jarfix just in case things go off course. So, let's go ahead and show you how to use the Jarfix to repair .jar files on your PC.

How To Use The Jarfix to Repair .jar Files on Your PC

Step 1) Download & Install the Java JDK

Most likely, you have already tried this step if you have a landed on this article, but it is worth mentioning just in case. If you don't have the Java Development Kit also known as the JDK downloaded already, you need to do so. You can find our in-depth article on downloading and install the Java Development Kit by clicking here. That article will walk you through every step of getting the JDK including figuring out which version you need, how to install it, and even how to make sure everything is working.

Step 2) Download The Jarfix

After you have the JDK installed, if .jar files still aren't opening, you will need to fix Java files on your computer. The first thing you need to do in order to fix Java files is download the Jarfix. This is a super simple program that does all of the work for you. Downloading it is actually super easy to as we have gotten permission from the author to distribute it here on our website. So, to download the Jarfix, just click here or click the big yellow download button at the top of the page. This will instantly start the download for the Jarfix. You may have to confirm that the file is safe, and as long as it is called ‘jarfix.exe', it is 100% safe to download. Once you've downloaded Jarfix, it's time to run the Jarfix!

Note: If you would rather download Jarfix from the author's original website, you can do so by clicking here

Step 3) Run The Jarfix

Running the Jarfix is actually really easy. After you have the program downloaded, just double-click on it. This will open and automatically run the program. A pop-up will come up that says ‘The .jar suffix (Java Archive) has been registered successfully. Jar packaged Java applications can be executed again by a doubleclick'. This means that .jar files your computer have now been completely fixed, and you no longer will have any issues opening up .jar files. Congrats! At this point, the Jarfix has worked, and you can open your Java files!

What To Do If You Are Still Having Issues

If you have installed the Jarfix and it still hasn't fixed the issues you are having, there are still things you can try to fix your issue. You can actually view the Jarfix FAQ on the author's website by clicking here. There you will be able to get tons of help with Jarfix and fix any Jarfix related issues. For example, if you can't run the Jarfix, that website will show you how to fix it.

With that being said, there is one other major reason that .jar files may be acting up on your PC, and that is because you have the wrong version of Java or the Java Development kit installed. We recommend for our audience to typically use Java 8, and that is because this is what Minecraft is based in. If you are using a program written on a new version of Java, you can download newer versions of Java, however, directly from Oracle's website.

If this article helped you out, be sure to share it with friends who have this issue, and please post a comment below letting us know it fixed your issue. We reply to every comment! Thanks for reading!


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