If you're in the market for a new vehicle under $40,000, you're likely to become overwhelmed with the amount of options you have available to you. We've created this list of what we believe are the 6 best new vehicles under $40,000!

6 Best New Vehicles Under $40,000

Land Rover Discovery Sport

First up on the list is something you’re already expecting if you’ve watched any other video on our channel. So let’s get it out of the way. First on the list os the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Yet, a Land Rover brand new under $40,000.

I loved this car so much, I went online and spec’d out a new Discovery Sport with a black exterior and black white interior with black wheels. All that came out to $39,000.

Obviously, with the Land Rover, you’ll be happy you have it new with a warranty, but be sure to keep up with all the maintenance, and you’ll be good to go!

The Discovery Sport is really the only SUV or crossover or whatever you want to call it on this list. For this, we’ll call it a Sport Activity Vehicle, because apparently that’s a thing. But it’s also the only SAV I recommend because it’s still built with capability.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Next up on the list is a car that I’ve been in love with for a while now. It’s the only sports sedan I’d buy right now, and it’s ultimately the only car I’ve driven that I would seriously consider trading the Range Rover for. So let’s jump into the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which I did a video on a couple of weeks ago.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia is truly the best car that I’ve driven in a very long time. It’s tight, composed, well built… surprisingly, and it’s truly the best sports sedan on the market right now.

Unlike the BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, the Alfa still has some soul left, but considering that’s all I talked about in the last video, I’ll stick to facts.

It’s perfect, minus the rear view camera. If you haven’t had the chance to drive the Alfa Romeo Giulia, I highly recommend getting to the nearest dealership as soon as possible and taking a test drive. In fact, there’s a dealership nearby that’s offering $15,000 off MSRP of the Giulia because it’s sales figures are pretty awful. So if you don’t mind the 2017 model, that’s certainly something to check out. If you want a 2018 model, just wait a year. I’m sure they’ll do the same then since they’re not selling any.

BMW 2 Series

Speaking of sporty cars that like to visit the mechanic, let’s move onto number 3 on our list – the BMW 2 Series coupe.

While I love the 4 series for what it is, it’s still a bit too expensive to have made it onto this list. That’s why I going to recommend it’s baby brother – the 2 Series.

While the 2 Series may somehow be smaller than an already small car, it’s still plenty spacious enough for two average sized people and some every day items.

The best thing about the 2 series, though, is that it’s the small form factor that we all loved about the early 2000s BMW coupes. The 4 Series is a small car by today’s standards, but compared to the early 2000s and before, it’s the size of a stretch limo. What I love and respect most about the 2 Series is that it’s a small sports car meant for fun.

Sure, it’s not as practical as the 4 Series coupe, which is only a few thousand more, but it’s a beautiful looking car under $40,000, so it had to make the list for that alone!

Lexus IS

Next up on our list is something different. We’re back to the Lexus IS. Now, I know a lot of people tend to think Lexus has no soul, character, or whatever. But here’s the thing. If you want a car that will look cool, be practical, and work… why look elsewhere?

As much as I love Land Rover, Jaguar, Alfa, BMW, and so on… let’s be real. They have issues. For some reason, European cars are notorious for having weird quirks that cause some issues now and then. No big deal for some people, but it gets old after a while.

That’s why a Range Rover that’s $100,000 new now costs $10,000 – and some even less. It’s all down to the fact that they’re difficult to maintain after a few miles.

If you’re looking for a car that’s good fun to drive, easy to take care of, and good on gas and maintenance, the Lexus IS is actually a great alternative to the Germans.

Chevy Camaro 1SS

If you’re looking for power, style, dating your cousin, and being the most popular kid in Alabama, you’ll be very interested in our next option – the 2018 Chevy Camaro 1SS.

All stupid jokes aside, the 1SS is a hell of a deal for under $40,000, and I can’t think of a more fun car for the price. The Camaro had an awkward restart in the mid 2000s, but it’s finally up there with the best. It’s stunning to look at, fantastic to drive, and a good car to own.

So while there are some jokes around it, you’ll be the one laughing as you pull away. Just be careful around Mustang Owners. Your better looking car will likely piss them off and make them spin into you.

Dodge Challenger T/A

Last but not least is a true muscle car for less than $40,000, and it’s still my favorite one ever built. The Dodge Challenger T/A has been on our radar now for a couple of months, and I still stand by the fact that if you want a V8, rear drive, boat, you’re making a mistake buying anything else.

Power, beauty, and soft suspension. Close enough to Aston Martin, but it’s a third of the price and a lot less classy. But it’s still an amazing car to drive, and you’ll never be let down by the looks, power, or feeling you get behind the wheel on the Dodge Challenger T/A.

If you want to know more about what I think is the best car currently produced by the American’s, check out our full overview of the Dodge Challenger T/A here. But to wrap up, I truly think the Challenger is such a pure muscle car driving experience. Cheap, practical, and ridiculously fast.

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