Whether you are looking to start a Minecraft server, make gaming connectivity better, or just allowing easier remote access to your computer, there are TONS of different reasons you may need to know how to port forward your router. Luckily, this tutorial is going to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. I am going to be using a Linksys Router. I'm going to try my best to make it as general as possible, but screenshots will be from a Linksys.

How To Port Forward Your Router

Finding The Default Gateway of Your Router

Step 1) Login To Your Router

The first step to port forwarding is logging into your router. To do this, open up the start menu, search ‘CMD', and then right click on the ‘CMD' program and click ‘Run As Administrator'. Once the CMD opens, simply type ‘ipconfig' and hit enter. This will then make a bunch of text show up on the screen, and you'll be able to get your ‘Default Gateway'. Take your Default Gateway, and type that into your web address. A login box/screen will appear.

From there, you need to enter your router's username and password. If you don't know what that is, check out this article. It will show you all of the different ways to find your router's password. It's a trial-and-error process, but once you've figured out your router's login info, it's time to move on to step 2!

How To Find Port Forwarding on A Linksys Router

Step 2) Find Port Forwarding

This step can vary widely depending on the router you're using. What we are looking for here is the words ‘Port Forwarding'. This may be in the advanced tab, it may be in the apps and gaming tab, it may be under the security tab. There are TONS of different options, but click around until you find the words ‘Port Forwarding'. Once you find it, click on it. This will then open up the port forwarding window.

Port Forwarding Setup on A Linksys Router

Step 3) Execute The Port Forward

The hardest part of port forwarding is getting to the correct place in your router. Once you're in there, you just need to enter the ports you wanted to forward. For example, when starting a Minecraft server, you are going to forward port 25565. It just depends on what you are needing to port forward for. In regards to TCP or UDP, most of the time, you're going to want both. This may be listed as ‘Both', ‘TCP/UDP', or ‘TCP & UDP'. Whatever it is, you're going to want both of them to be selected 99% of the time.

Step 4) Click Save & Check If It Worked

Now that you've entered the ports and protocol that you want, click ‘Save', ‘Done', or whatever it is on your router. Keep in mind that port forwarding can be a bit tricky, so if it didn't work, try, try again. Be sure to check your firewalls and make sure they are allowing outside connections through the ports you forwarded. If you are confident you did the port forward correctly but it still isn't working, it is most likely a firewall that is getting in the way and causing the issue.

The Wrap-Up

Congratulations! You now know how to port forward your router. If you did have any issues port forwarding, just let us know in the comments below. We are more than happy to help you out, and try to fix/solve any problems you are having. Port forward can be difficult, and we understand. Thus, we are here to help and assist with any issues you may encounter. You can also check out SetupRouter.com to see if they have port forwarding information for your specific router.


  1. Im trying too port forward for a minecraft server on an asus router and it gives me port range and local port instead of internal and external port. I tried putting 25565 for both but it doesn’t work.

    • Try leaving the port range blank. However, make sure you are in the Port Forwarding section of the router also.

  2. hello, i’m dying trying to figure out how to forward port/port forward, no clue how this works, my issue is i literally have nothing that says “port forward” all i have is a tab that says “Forwarding” i click it, it says “Port Mapping” “Port Trigger” and “ALG”, and i’ve got no idea what to do, please help me out.

    here’s a screen shot to give you an idea of what i’m talking about

  3. Hi Nic,
    I made a minecaft server, and it runs perfectly but there is a problem with my port forwarding. I checked on :https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ but no matter what i do 25565 port is blocked !
    Thanks for quick response

  4. Hi! I can’t portforward even though I tried to do it. I followed your steps but it didn’t work. Any ideas on what’s the problem?

  5. when i type in my default gateway, into google, it just doesn’t work. it says: This site can’t be reached refused to connect. please help.

  6. hello, i am using a Virgin router and it has external port range as well as ‘local port range’ what do i do?

  7. I’m not able to select a “both” protocol, only tcp, udp, and gre. What should I do?

  8. I cant use the public id, justo the ip4. This means i cant play with my friends right?
    When I try the public id show that:
    io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectExpection:Connetion refused: no futher information.

    I already checked the code that i put in the roter website, and I tried turn off the firewall from de router and the my computer.

  9. I have been trying to set up my own minecraft server, but my router is a Google Wifi router and when i try to enter my Default Gateway into google, it pops up with the Google Wifi page, and no log in box. How can i get to the log in box?

  10. I have a Huawei router and I did everything as in the video and disabled my firewall and antivirus, but I still cant connect trough my external ip. Me and my friendss just get this io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$AnnotatedConnectExpectation: Connection Refused: no further information.

  11. Does i need a static ip address if i want to port forward. And my router ask my External host and Internal host what i will put to those when im doing Minecraft server. Then its also asking External Port and Internal Port and i know those are 25565

    • You do not need a static IP. No one has static IPs these days. External host and internal host is going to be your IPv4 address.

  12. I am woundering if it works for me? Because I am on Wifi with my pc that are connected to my mobile. And my mobile are connected to the router. I know I cant access the router with my computer. But I have a laptop that can enter the router. Can I port forward with the laptop’s help? And should I use the phone’s ip adress or the pc ip adress?

  13. Austin Decker

    Hello, I have been trying to port forward a Minecraft server for me and my pals to enjoy some peaceful survival and for the most part, I have the port forwarding part done, but for some reason when loading up the server I have set up it does not recognize the public IP. I have the 25565 port attached to the IP as well. I personally believe it could be a firewall problem and I have been searching the Internet/testing different ways of fixing this issue but with no luck, nothing worked. Do you have any Ideas in mind that could potentially be the cause of this? My server connection works only when I use my computers private IP, and for some reason, when typing local host that does not work. To test the public Ip, I tried it and it also did not connect to the server. I am running out of Ideas and help would be most appreciated.

    • That sounds like an issue with your port forward. Make sure you are doing 25565 on both the TCP and UDP protocols. Also, turn off your router’s and PC’s firewall.

  14. Hey, I have look at your Minecraft Tutorials where you have used Port forwarding.
    and I have done everything correctly! but for some reason, I can’t log in on my Minecraft server using my public IP and localHost! why?

    • Most likely there is an issue with a firewall/antivirus either on your computer or on your router blocking the connection.

  15. For my router there is a service option, what do i put there?

  16. mine is on web adb epicentro and i have there NAT and port mapping but there is trully only mapping.

  17. Hey I can’t find port forwarding I only saw port bandwitch my router is globe

    • No, that is not it. It could also be called ‘Virtual Server’, ‘NAT Forwarding’, ‘Apps & Gaming’, ‘NAT Gaming’, ‘NAT/Virtual Server’

  18. I set up the port forwarding correctly and checked the firewall, it said that port blocking was inactive, but when my friends try to join it does not work.
    Please Help.

    • It could also be an issue with a local firewall. Also, make sure you are giving him your public IPv4 address. Not your IPv6 address.

  19. Hello im using a Huawei router and i can’t find any Port Forward. (i look at every options)

  20. Dylan Yassine

    Hi Nic, in my port forward menu it has ‘Start port’ and ‘End port’ buttons but also and ‘Translation Start Port’ and a ‘Translation End Port’ buttons. Which of these are equivalent to External and Internal ports?

  21. Hi, I am having trouble with port forwarding my own Minecraft server on a Sagemcom Spectrum wifi router and I am not sure how to do it. Can you please help me?

  22. Hei, Nic, i have a routerr from Telekom, i can connect to router’s panel, but at the Port Forwarding section it blows my mind, can you help me to figure out what to put and where?
    http://prntscr.com/kaee4f – Photo of Port Forward section.
    I have a section of “Games & Applications” but it does not show the Minecraft. http://prntscr.com/kaeey6

  23. Benjamin tveide

    i have a tp-link and i cant find the port forwarding butten i can only find port triggering

    • When port forwarding for a Minecraft server, you are always going to put 25565 for ports when port forwarding.

  24. DwertlePlayz

    Hello I have a tp-link router and I would like to know what I pu for the common service port here is a picture

  25. Hello, i am using a 4g Home Gateway Telia router. I found the place where i need to port all that stuff, but i canot edit it ive tryed everything in my power to do it but it did not work.


    • Make sure that you have admin settings in your router. Your ISP also may be preventing you from editing the ports. Contacting them may help.

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