One of our favorite things to do is to take Breakdown Team Road Trips where we hop in the Range Rover and the BMW, drive in the direction of our desired destination, and hope that neither of us break down. Luckily, though, we always have the gear we need on road trips to communicate just in case we have car trouble, police trouble, or if we just want to have some fun with the two-way radios. Join us on our road trip for a recap of our favorite road trip gear, including a couple of radar detectors that have more than once saved us from a huge ticket.

Valentine 1 Radar Detector

Valentine 1 Amazon

One of the single most important items that we use daily no matter what is our favorite radar detector. Ifyou're planning on going on a road trip or road rally without having a good radar detector in your car, you could end up having a horrible trip worried about how you're going to pay a $300 ticket. A good radar detector can save you thousands in the long-run if you're a bit heavy on the accelerator.

While it may be a bit older, I still believe the Valentine One Radar Detector is the best bang for your buck with all of the features it offers you on a daily basis. The reviews will also backup how great this product is, so if you're in the market for a new radar detector, check out the V1.

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Midland LXT11 22-Channel Two Way Radio

Another one of our favorite pieces of rally or road trip gear is the Midland LXT11 2-way radio. This is our Midland LXT118 22-Channel Radioparticular favorite simply because of the price and quality of the units. We didn't need anything fancy to just talk back and fourth easily on the road trips, so we decided it would be best to save the money for gas and just get some cheaper units that were rechargeable and had a minimum of a 15 mile radius. Luckily, the Midland LXT11 model has a rechargeable model and up to an 18 mile radius for a two way radio, which makes it perfect for our rallies and convoy road trips.

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