The L322 Range Rover is one of the quirkiest cars I’ve driven, and that’s partly due to the fact that the third generation Range Rover is a bit of a “parts bin special” from ownership by BMW, Ford, and TATA during the production. With that said, though, there are a TON of features that the Range Rover offers that you may not even realize. Here’s a list of 5 crazy things you didn’t know about your Range Rover.

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Range Rover

Valet Mode

We’ve all seen the “Valet Mode” button on the home screen of our L322 Range Rovers, but most people I’ve asked don’t seem to know what exactly the button does to the car. As the name states, the function is for when you’re valeting your Range Rover. The feature will restrict the valet from using the infotainment system, but it goes much deeper than that.

The Valet Mode function in the L322 Range Rover will also lock both of your glove boxes and the rear tailgate to prevent anyone from stealing your luggage. We’ll ignore the fact that you could just reach over the rear seat, though. Additionally, the Range Rover will disable bluetooth to prevent anyone from using your phone to make calls.

To activate the Valet Mode function in your L322 Range Rover (2010-2012), be sure you’re on the Home Menu and tap on “Valet Mode” in the bottom of the screen. A screen will prompt you to enter a 4 digit PIN in order for you to unlock the system again. Once you’ve set the PIN, the feature will activate. To return to normal settings, enter your 4 digit PIN, and all features will return.

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Pull Up the Rear Camera… Anywhere

Unless your L322 Range Rover is fitted with the additional cameras, you can’t pull up the rear view camera at any time from the Home Screen. Luckily, you can go into the backend of the system to pull it up. This makes towing much easier, and it’s also a great way to check your blind spots.

To turn the Rear View camera on, press and hold the top middle of the screen on the Home Menu. After about 5 seconds, immediately move your finger to the top left side of the screen. Hold until a screen pulls up prompting you to enter the PIN.

The PIN you need to enter here is 753. This will pull a new page where you can select Video Information and from there, you can choose Rear View Camera. This will display the feed coming from the camera and will stay up no matter what speed you’re driving.

Order ToGo Food From Navigation

While the Range Rover doesn’t have the best navigation system in the world, it does have some cool quirks. One of them is the ease of use when looking for a place to eat. Once your Navigation Caution has been accepted, you can press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel and say “Navigation, I’m hungry.”

The navigation screen will pull up the restaurants on the map, and from there, you can select the place you would like to order food from. Once you’ve tapped on the restaurant you would like, tap “Info” at the top right corner. A screen will pull up with some info about the destination – including a phone number.

From there, call and place your order without ever touching your phone. I absolutely love this feature about the L322 Range Rover, and it's possibly one of the most fun things you didn't know about your Range Rover.

Roll Down All Windows & Retract Sunroof

Most cars have this feature now, including my former 2003 Honda Accord. However, most people don’t realize that their L322 Range Rover can roll down all of the windows and retract the sunroof by holding the Unlock button on their key fob for a couple of seconds.

The original L322 had the auxiliary ventilation system, but that feature doesn’t exist in the 2010-2012 Range Rover L322. Instead, if you want to cool down your mighty Range Rover on a hot day, hold down the unlock button. This is especially useful to do a few minutes before you walk out of your office to go home.

Unfortunately, you will need to turn the car on and roll the windows up as you normally would. The key fob will not roll up the windows or close the sunroof.

Navigation Trace

One of the weirdest things you didn’t know about your Range Rover L322 is that it will trace everywhere you’ve been in the navigation system. This feature is practically useless unless you suspect your spouse of cheating or are on an off-road excursion. When you’re driving around town daily, this feature is pretty useless. However, it’s still a fun thing to look at all of the places you’ve been during a period of time.

To activate the Navigation Trace feature, go to your Navigation Setup and tap on Navigation Trace. Once there, activate the feature, and you’re good to go. To deactivate, follow the same steps.

While this isn’t the most useful feature in the world, it’s still likely one of the things you didn’t know about your Range Rover.

Bonus Tip: iPhone Adapter for $100 off

The L322 has an iPhone interface that will allow you to connect your phone for listening to music. Unfortunately, the cheap adapter that seems to have frequent issues will inevitably break. A replacement from Land Rover is around $120.

Luckily, you can get the exact same cord on Amazon for $14.99. All you’ll need then is an adapter for the Lightning Cord for another $8.29. This may possibly be one of the best things you didn't know about your Range Rover.

Buy the iPhone Connector – $14.99
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