AppleCare (or AppleCare+) is Apple's exclusive warranty program with a really fancy name. Essentially, when you buy a new Apple product, it comes with a limited warranty called AppleCare. As with most warranties, though, it does have limitations with coverage and time. Luckily, however, you can purchase AppleCare+, which will extend the time of coverage and what is covered under the warranty.

So, should you purchase AppleCare+ for your products, or should you simply stick to the standard AppleCare warranty that comes with every product? Let's break it down!

For Mac

For every new Mac that you purchase, you get one year of AppleCare, which includes 12 months of service and 90 days of phone support. When you purchase AppleCare+ for your Mac, you extend this warranty to three years. The phone support also gets extended to three years when you purchase AppleCare+ for a new Mac.

Here's what AppleCare for your Mac includes:

  • Direct Access to Apple Experts via Phone & Chat
  • Priority Support Access Online
  • Repair Coverage
  • Request a Tech Come Out to Your Work Site for Repairs on Desktops
  • Mail-In Repair for Portable Computers

Your AppleCare for your Mac will cover:

  • Your Mac
  • Battery
  • Included Accessories (Power Adapter)
  • Apple Memory (RAM)
  • Airport
  • Apple USB Superdrive

The Verdict: Yes, you should always purchase AppleCare for your new Mac. With as much as you're spending on the computer, it only makes sense for you to purchase the extended AppleCare+ warranty for your Mac.

For iPad

When you purchase a new iPad, you get one year of AppleCare. As with the Macs, you have the opportunity to extend this warranty. For iPads, you have the ability to purchase an additional year, making your warranty last for two years. Your warranty would include 24/7 priority online support, mail-in repairs, carry-in repairs, and express replacement service.

AppleCare for your iPad will cover:

  • Your iPad
  • Battery
  • AirPort
  • Included USB Cabel & Power Adapters
  • Coverage for 2 Incidents of Accidental Damage
    • Subject to $49 Service Fee

The Verdict: Yep, you should get AppleCare for your iPad. It is going to cover cracked screens, some minor water damage, and other issues that you may encounter with your iPad under the AppleCare warranty.

For iPhone

Most people don't realize that when you purchase a new iPhone, you get a one-year warranty (or AppleCare) for your device. This also comes with 90 days of phone support for your iPhone. If you purchase AppleCare+ for your new iPhone, this will extend your warranty to two years.

AppleCare for your iPhone will cover:

  • iPhone
  • Battery
  • Included Earphones & Accessories
  • Coverage for 2 Accidents with Damage
    • Subject to $29 for Screen Damage
    • $99 for Other Damage

The Verdict: It's probably best to stick to normal AppleCare that is sold with every new iPhone by. If you have a tendency to crack the screens of an iPhone, you should get the additional protection of AppleCare+. If you're careful, you should be perfectly fine with the standard warranty.

For Apple Watch

If you've purchased an Apple Watch, you have an extremely limited one-year warranty for your device. Purchasing AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch will extend this warranty and it's capabilities. You can actually get express replacement service, which means you will not have to wait for a repair. Apple would be able to replace it to make it easier on you.

AppleCare for your Apple Watch will cover:

  • Apple Watch
  • Battery
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Coverage for two incidents of Damage
    • $69 for Apple Watch
    • $79 for Hermès Edition & Apple Watch Edition

The Verdict: AppleCare+ for Apple Watch is a must-have for me. I know one day I will crack the screen of my Apple Watch Series 2, and this will cover that with the AppleCare warranty.

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