How To Download & Install Optifine for Minecraft on macOS

By Nic •  Updated: 02/16/22 •  3 min read

Optifine is one of the best mods for Minecraft. It allows you to increase performance, add in shaders, and overall improve the graphical experience of Minecraft. Luckily, you can install Optifine for Minecraft on Mac, and this article will show you exactly how to do so. From downloading Optifine for Mac to installing Optifine with Java on MacOS, we show you how to do it all, so without anymore delay, here is how to get Optifine on a Mac!

How To Download & Install Optifine for Minecraft on Mac

Step 1) Download Optifine

The first step of getting Optifine on MacOS is downloading it. You can find the download link for Optifine above. You can also just click here to go to the Optifine for Mac download page. On this page, find the version of Optifine you want. Then, click the ‘mirror' link next to it. This will take you directly to the Optifine download page for that version on Mac. On this page, click the blue/purple download button to download Optifine on Mac.

Step 2) Allowing Access to Optifine in Privacy

Optifine is from a third party developer. This means that you will get a warning stating that you cannot open Optifine on your Mac because it is from an unidentified developer. However, we know that Optifine is trusted. So to fix this, open system preferences, select ‘Security & Privacy', and click the ‘General' tab. Then, click ‘Open Anyway' next to Optifine at the bottom. Confirm you want to open Optifine on your Mac again, and Optifine should then open up!

Note: If you get an error for not having a Java Run Time Environment, you need to download Java for MacOS. Here is our tutorial on how to do that!

Step 3) Installing Minecraft Optifine on MacOS

Optifine is now open, and luckily, from here, it is super easy to install it. All you need to do is click the ‘Install' button in the Optifine installer. When you do this, it will come up after a few seconds and say that Optifine is successfully installed. Click okay, and Optifine will close. You have not installed Optifine for Minecraft on your Mac!

Step 4) Playing Minecraft with Optifine on Mac

With Optifine installed on your Mac, we just need to make sure we select the Optifine installation when we go to play Minecraft. To do this, click the little arrow next to the Play button, select ‘Optifine', and click the Play button. You will then have to confirm you are playing modded Minecraft by clicking the green play button again. When you do this Optifine will open up in Minecraft on your Mac! You can checkout all of the Optifine settings by going to Options and Video Settings.

You now know how to download and install Optifine on a Mac! If you do have any issues or questions getting Optifine on your Mac, let us know in the comments. We will try our best to help you out.


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