Minecraft 1.19 Seeds – Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds

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A seed is the foundation of your Minecraft worlds. It determines everything from how awesome the mountains are to how to large that ocean you spawned is. Because of this, finding an incredible seed is something that is worth doing when starting a new Minecraft world or server. Luckily, this list has the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for you to choose from. Here, you will find seeds that have incredible mountain ranges, beautiful cliffsides, tons of villages, and amazing biomes. So, without anymore delay, here is out list of the top 5 best Minecraft 1.19 seeds!

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds – Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft 1.18 Seeds with Desert

Seed: 1350446741

This seed is truly incredible. Right near spawn, you will find a forest, meadow, snowy forest, snowy slope, cold ocean and plains biome. This means you can truly make your home in any biome you want. Not to mention, you will be able to find a desert with valleys, mountains, village, and desert temple. There is also a massive messa mountain range with a valley in the center. Follow an off shoot of this messa biome, and you will find a bamboo jungle with a huge cave entrance where you can start exploring underground.

Key Locations

  • Spawn: -6 75 12
  • Mountainside Village: 50 64 270
  • River Cutting Through A Mountain: 516 78 -348
  • Messa Badland with Bamboo Jungle & Cave: 2672 68 160
  • Messa Mountain Range with Valley in The Center: 3268 80 199
  • Desert with Valley, Mountains, a Village, Desert Temple, and More!: 3813 79 -231
Minecraft 1.18 Seeds Messa Biome

Seed: -3781810082151157791

Spawning in, you will find yourself in a desert, and close by, there a desert a village to get your started. However, just 300 blocks from from spawn, there is a truly stunning messa badlands biome with both a huge messa mountain and eroded bandlands. You will can also find a desert village in this messa biome which is something I have never seen before, and I found really unique about this seed. Just off of that, there is a very large coral reef if you want to explore and get some of those color coral blocks.

Key Locations

  • Spawn: 10 63 3
  • Desert Village: 125 64 -275
  • Messa Badlands: 364 71 70
  • Exposed mineshaft right at coordiantes listed.
  • Exposed mineshaft on top of mountain.
  • Desert Village in Messa Biome: 684 86 664
  • Large Coral Reef: 967 62 1174
Caves & Cliffs Update - Best Minecraft Server

Seed: GiveMeVillages

Even though this seed may imply that there are villages everywhere, this is not really the case. This seed has you spawning in a nice meadow where you can quickly find an entrance to a huge lush cave system that can make for some quick underground exploring. However, I would suggest doing some traveling because around 550 blocks away from spawn, you will find a truly incredible cliff that embodies everything the Caves and Cliffs update is about. These stunning caves are carved into a cliffside sitting on the water and creating a cove. If there is anywhere to setup home, it is here. Don't forget though the 200+ Y mountain that is around 1,000 blocks away. This is a great adventure to grab some additional resources!

Key Locations

  • Spawn: -30 103 13
  • Lush Cave in Massive Cave System: -50 81 -19
  • Snowy Mountain Top Village: -151 138 146
  • Ocean Cliffs with Openings Leading to Frozen Ocean: -575 85 377
  • Snowy Supertall 200+ Y Mountain: -1579 214 213
  • Mountain with Caves at The Base: -668 64 -958
Top Minecraft 1.18 Seeds - Dripstone Cave

Seed: 2825049098349321056

With this seed, you will spawn in a pleasant planes biome right next to a village with tons of villages, an iron golem, and more. Truthfully, this is a great place to set up home. Off in the distance less than 200 blocks away, you will see a mountain with an overhang that would also be a good place for a home as there is a village just behind this overhang. You can also find a mineshaft around 300 blocks away from spawn, and the massive dripstone cave system featured above is 100 blocks away from your spawn location making this a truly incredible seed for both overworld building and cave exploration!

Key Locations

  • Spawn: 14 66 -21
  • Village: 27 62 46
  • Mountain Overhang with Village Nearby: -281 98 244
  • Island In A Cove: 350 65 264
  • Mineshaft: 1 28 533
  • Massive Cave System with Dripstone: -110 10 -164
Minecraft 1.18 Seeds - Play.BreakdownCraft.com

Seed: Play.BreakdownCraft.com

While the see may be our Minecraft server, it really is pretty freaking awesome. When you spawn in, you will be in a plains biome. Looking around, you will see a meadow, frozen peaks, forest, river, and even a stony shore. From there, you can go underground and find a really cool cave system. There are also two different plains villages you can raid, and a really cool crater that has both dripstone and an amethyst deposit. Lastly, if you want a mountain experience, there is a frozen peaks mountain with a really cool cave system at its base that can be used for exploring and mining.

Key Locations

  • Spawn: 8 96 -6
  • Cave: 66 97 14
  • Deepslate Cobble Mineshaft: -122 49 -951
  • Plains Village 1: -297 77 290
  • Plains Village 2: 295 95 -404
  • Massive Underground Crater with Dripstone: 280 98 -463
  • Amythist Deposit: 299 3 -449
  • Frozen Peaks with Cave: 114 157 -595


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