YouTube Networks That Offer Small Channels Partnerships

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Getting partnered on YouTube as a small channel can be difficult. Luckily, we cover doing just that in this article. We are going to show you the best YouTube networks that offer small channels partnerships, so no matter how big or small your channel is, you can get partnered. Now, I do want to mention that a YouTube network will take a percentage of your revenue in order to give you their services. Revenue shares are negotiable, and if a network has a public revenue share, I do mention it below. With that being said, let's get into the best YouTube networks for small channels!

YouTube Networks That Offer Small Channels Partnerships

Freedom - YouTube Networks That Give Small Channels Partnerships

1) Freedom!

Freedom! has been a major YouTube network for a couple years now, and they are definitely the best network for a small YouTube channel. Their requirements are very lax requiring only 1,000 views/month (33 views/day) in the last 30 days in order for them to partner you. Achieving that is pretty easy if you are serious about making YouTube videos, but a low entry requirement is not all that Freedom! has to offer.

First, let's talk about rev-share. Freedom!'s base revenue share is 60/40 meaning that 60% of the revenue your YouTube channel makes, you keep. The remaining 40%, Freedom keeps for providing network services to you. What are those services? Well, with Freedom!, there are many. They offer all of their partner's copyright free music to use in their videos, affiliate products to promote, and sponsorships for their channels. Freedom truly does give something back using the money they receive from their partners, and as your channel grows, Freedom! will increase your revenue share if you ask!

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YouTube Partner Program - The Best Way For Small YouTubers To Get Partnered

2) YouTube's Direct Partnership Program

While it isn't technically a YouTube network, it is worth mentioning. You no longer have to partner with a network to make a YouTube partnership worth it. Now, with YouTube's direct partner program through Google Adsense, you can get great perks and 100% of the revenue your channel generates. The downside to this, however, is that you must have 10,000 total public views on your YouTube channel in order to get partnered. This is a higher requirement than Freedom!, but the wait may be worth it in order to get all of the revenue your channel makes.

YouTube's Direct Partner Program does offer some other benefits as well, but you will also get all of these if you are partnered with a network. These features include access to the YouTube Audio Library, the ability to fully monetize your YouTube channel, and the ability to add custom links on your cards and end screen. Sure, I'll admit that these features aren't too exclusive or great, but the ability to keep 100% of your revenue makes it all worth it in my opinion.

Get more information on the YouTube Partner Program by clicking here.

Fullscreen YouTube Network Partnership for Small Channels

3) Fullscreen

Fullscreen was one of the first networks founded on YouTube, and because of that, they have a very established partner base with a stable and thriving network and creator business. Fullscreen is a bit secretive when it comes to their network requirements, but one thing is very clear in regards to Fullscreen. You need to have high-quality content to be accepted. Some content creators who post consistent, high-quality content have gotten into Fullscreen with less than 1,000 subscribers, so if you plan on applying for Fullscreen, make sure you're posting entertaining, HD content on a consistent basis. Fullscreen's revenue share is also a bit secretive, but it is negotiable and will be discussed if you are accepted for a partnership.

As far as other perks go, Fullscreen has plenty. They provide exclusive, copyright free music for all of their partners to use in their videos. They also have a program called ‘Influencer Plus' which allows creators to make pre-roll ads for companies that will play on their videos. These ads get significantly higher CPMs than normal ads, and increase your earnings for the month significantly. In addition to all of that, Fullscreen will provide you with a dedicated talent manager in order for you to ensure you have the best possible experience with Fullscreen.

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Union For Gamers by Curse - A YouTube Network For Small Gamers

4) Union For Gamers

Union For Gamers by Curse is, as the name implies, a YouTube Network that is just for gaming channels. Their requirements are a bit steep with a minimum requirement of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views in the 30 days or 8,000 views in the 30 days. This threshold makes sure that only serious YouTuber's join their network, and thus, they are able to offer a higher revenue share. Union For Gamer's revenue share starts at 90%. There is no need to worry about negotiating your rev-share up at Curse because you start at the top.

In addition to their high revenue share, Union For Gamers provides copyright-free music via Epidemic Sound for free to all of their partners in addition to a beautiful dashboard that can be accessed as soon as you apply for a partnership. Overall, Union For Gamers by Curse is a great network for gaming channels that want the most they can get when it comes to revenue. Getting 90% revenue with Freedom or Fullscreen would be pretty difficult, Union For Gamers will start you there.

Check out Union For Gamers by clicking here!

The Wrap-Up

When push comes to shove, the best YouTube network for small channels is Freedom!. They provide the most perks while still having a fair revenue share. After that, it is YouTube directly for their 100% revenue share option. Next is Fullscreen with their enhanced advertising programs, and lastly, Union For Gamers is an incredible, high revenue network for gaming creators that are willing to grow their channel a bit before getting partnered. With that being said, let us know if we missed a network in the comments below! We are more than happy to add to this list as time goes on!

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