Here is our extensive list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.16 that you must play! Here, you will find all kinds of maps from survival to adventure to parkour. Thus, no matter what kind of custom map you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it here. If you think we missed an awesome 1.16 custom map for this list, please comment at the end of the article! We’re always looking for more Minecraft maps to add! Nevertheless, let’s get on into the article!

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15 Custom Maps For Minecraft 1.16 That You Must Play!

1)  Bastions Parkour

In this parkour, you will visit the bastions, the soul sand valley, the crimson/warped forest, and the basalt deltas during your parkour with lanterns, skulls, soul speed, chain and all the new blocks that Minecraft 1.16 has to offer. This is a really good parkour map that uses the nether and Minecraft 1.16 blocks very, very well.

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2) Duke of Diamonds

Can you help the Diamond Duke stop the Minecraft 1.16 update from coming and keep the Minecraft safe from all the crazy evils that now lurk in the nether? Complete this map and find out! There are tons of different puzzles and PvE to have fun with, and the map takes up to 5 hours to complete!
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3) Just Press Spacebar

Parkour in three different main worlds (air parkour, jungle parkour, and parkour lines) with different difficulties, details, and more! This is for the most part a quite easy parkour map but there are some harder jumps! Parkour in different environments like jungle, nether, the end, winter land. This map will give you around 30min of gameplay to complete all three parkours one time but!

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4) Parkour Jungle Bow

Parkour Jungle Bow is a three-stage parkour Minecraft map that has you doing some beginner level parkouring across stunning maps. It uses 1.15 features such as honey blocks to make things more interesting, and it does it all with an overall really cool jungle aesthetic. If you want a fun, simple parkour map, this is the one for you!
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5) Mineopolis and the Countryside

This is Mineopolis, a Minecraft city project being built on my server. There is a huge city called Mineopolis surrounded by countryside, farmland and, at the moment, a town called Ravenstone. Ravenstone will become a medium sized town. As well as Ravenstone, there are also 2 tiny villages called; Atomster which contains a small handful of houses as well as a small shop; and Skylark which contains a few houses.
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6) The Jumper 3

This is the 3rd ‘Jumper’ parkour map from this map creator, and it has taken over 100 hours to complete perfectly. It is completely tested and built 100% by hand without any use of MC edit. It has 30 challenges and 15 hidden diamonds that you must complete before you are fully done with the map. It is a super well thought out and incredibly fun parkour map!
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7) Escape From Dernia

Escape from Dernia is a puzzle/escape map that takes you through the abandoned town of Dernia. A factory explosion blocked off some of the road and led to everyone finding ways out of the city. You will have to crawl, craft, search, and swim to escape the town and complete the map!Download Button

8) Shocker’s Towers of Hell

In contrast to some of the other parkour maps on this list, this map is designed for veteran parkours players only. It has a lot of ‘pixel perfect’ jumps without any checkpoints throughout the map. Meaning if you beat it, you must complete it all in one shot! There are 8 total towers with each of them having their own unique style including one that is completely invisible!
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9) Breakout 2020

In Breakout 2020, you will be tasked with breaking out of four unique levels. Each level includes myraids of smaller puzzles. The levels include a rustic house, modern house, grass cavern, and Town Square that will take you anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes to escape depending on how good you are at figuring out all of these unique puzzles.
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10) Lockwood Parkour

Lockwood Parkour is features 6 different fun parkour areas each with its own unique and fun style. It is a medium difficulty parkour map, and it is perfect to step-up your parkour skills on. If you are a beginner looking to become a master, Lockwood Parkour is a great place to start improving!
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11) Pixel Party 2

Pixel Party 2 is a party games map, that lets you choose between eight different fun and unique minigames. Select the amount of rounds you and your friends want to play, select the game you want to play, follow its objectives, and be victorious to gain points. After all rounds have been played, the player with the most points wins!
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12) Oh Honey

Oh Honey is a 3 stage parkour map based in 1.15 that uses honey blocks to make parkouring more fun, unique, and challenging. It has checkpoints, which is good for those of use who are horrible at parkour, and it also features a simple little story that can be fun to follow.
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13) Beeblock Islands

Beeblock Islands is a native 1.15 SkyBlock map. It is based on the original SkyBlock map, but it focuses on bees and other cool features that 1.15 has. It has you breeding, expanding, and building more things for your sky island with the overall goal of having 18 hives of bees under your control! This is a really fun SkyBlock survival map for 1.15!Download Button

14) The Burglar 2

The Burglar 2 is a 1.15 adventure map based around a man that has been robbed and lost all of his money. It has you going around solving puzzles as you work to get a job and start earning your money back. It is a really cool map with some awesome builds a lot of fun puzzles, and overall something that will be super fun and rewarding to complete!Download Button

15) Hive Mind

This is a relatively short (15-30 minute) puzzle map made for two players, where you build colored bridges inside a beehive to complete the map and get everything connected. There are buzzy bees flying around everywhere, and it even comes with its own custom resource pack to make the experience better and more immersive.
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And there you have it! Our list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.15 that you must play! These are by no means all the custom maps available for Minecraft 1.15, and you can check out more by clicking here. If you have a custom map that you think we should add to the list, please comment below. We’ll check it out, and we may add it! Also, if you need help installing any of these custom maps, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to download and install custom maps in Minecraft. It will help you out!

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