Here is our extensive list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.15 that you must play! Here, you will find all kinds of maps from survival to adventure to parkour. Thus, no matter what kind of custom map you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it here. If you think we missed an awesome 1.15 custom map for this list, please comment at the end of the article! We’re always looking for more Minecraft maps to add! Nevertheless, let’s get on into the article!

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15 Custom Maps For Minecraft 1.14 That You Must Play!

1) Freaky Parkour

Jump in all kinds of different styles and ways in this challenging but fun parkour map! This map is different from others because it has 1.14 elements in it! Use the new crawl feature and the new scaffold block to parkour around. If you are looking for a very 1.14 centric Parkour map that allows you to see what 1.14 can do, this is the map for you!Download Button

12 Custom Maps you Must Play in Minecraft

2) White Night Origins

White Night Origins is a entire horror adventure map series, and it is creepiest Minecraft map series I’ve ever seen. It adds in a different kind of spook factor that I’ve never seen in Minecraft before. Check it out this seris if you are looking for some something spooookyyy in Minecraft 1.15!
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Volcano Minecraft Maps You Must Play

3) Volcano Survival Island

While it may just look like any other Minecraft map with a huge valcano slapped in the middle, I can assure you that Volcano Survival Island is much more than that! It features tons of hidden caves. Random lava supprises everywhere, and even the occassional hidden chest. Extra points if you play this map in hardcore!
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4) Lava and Ice Parkour

Lava and Ice Parkour is a 3 stage parkour map that will is challenging, but still possible to complete. If you are just no getting into parkour, this an incredible map to start on, and it looks awesome as well. It reall is the overall parkour package!
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Extreme Survival Island - Incredible Minecraft Maps You Must Play

5) Survival Island Extreme

Survival Island Extreme is one of the coolest survival island maps we’ve ever seen. There are tons of incredible structures all over the island, and on top that, the creator has given us 20 challenges to complete on the island while surviving. If you are looking for one of the funniest survival maps ever made, this may just be it. I really cannot recommend it enough.
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6) Climatic Islands

Climatic Islands is another survival island map, but it makes ever island a different climate. From snowy to plains to jungle, nearly every Minecraft biome is featured here! This is very interesting is you find yourself having to jump island to island often to grab different resources and move forward in the game.
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the quick fall minecraft 1.12.2 dropper custom map

7) The Quick Fall

What would a list of Minecraft maps be without a dropper map? The Quick Fall is an awesome dropper map that contains 8 basic levels, one special level, one bonus level, and TONS of achievements. It is one of the best modern dropper maps out there, so be sure to check it out if you are looking for a dropper map for Minecraft 1.12!
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to the moon custom minecraft 1.12 map

8) To The Moon Parkour

To The Moon is a favorite of mine because I love space. It has increased gravity physics which makes it even more difficult to get where you’re going when try to jump where you’re supposed to go. There are four extremely fun and well designed level, and the entire map is built on the moon! It’s an awesome map and incredibly fun.
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Impossible Dropper Map for Minecraft 1.12.2

9) Impossible Dropper

The Impossible Dropper is one of the hardest dropper maps available for Minecraft 1.12. The author says it has plenty of twists, turns, and trolls to always keep you on your toes with every drop. It has 10 different levels that all have their unique difficulties,. This is a great map if you are looking to challenge yourself with a dropper map!
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waka islands 2 minecraft 1.12.2 custom map

10) Waka Islands 2

Waka Islands 2 is a sky survival map for Minecraft 1.12.2! It features 12 total islands, and it requires you to complete different challenges in order gather materials to complete the map. Waka Island 2 is the successor to the original Waka Island which was downloaded over 500,000 times making it one of the most successful sky survival maps of all time. Check it out!
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undo! puzzle map for minecraft 1.12

11) UNDO! Puzzle Map

UNDO! is a puzzle map for Minecraft 1.12.2 that bends the timeline of Minecraft allowing you go back to place ‘blocks of time’ in order to solve puzzles and complete the map. I feel like Minecraft puzzle maps have been lacking for a few versions, but UNDO! really does take it to the next level.
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A Brief History of Slayrs custom map for minecraft 1.12

12) Slayr: A Brief History of Slayrs

A Brief History of Slayrs is an adventure map with custom enemies, characters, dialogue, builds, terrain, weapons, and more. The creators of this map have put hundreds of thousands of hours into completing it, and it truly shows. Nearly everything in the map is custom, and gameplay can range from 30 minutes to hours upon hours. The experience and journey truly is up to you!
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Sorcerer's Book 2 - Minecraft Custom Maps You Must Try

13) Sorcerer’s Book 2

Sorcerer’s Book 2 is a Minecraft 1.12.2 min-game map that will allow you to experience magic in the world of Minecraft. It features over 100 different spells, many unique game modes, and it can even be set up on a server and played with friends. This really is one of the most unique and different Minecraft maps on our list!Download Button

The Titanic MInecraft 1.12 build map - awesome custom maps for minecraft 1.12

14) The Titanic Build Map

I didn’t think it was right to make a list of incredible Minecraft maps without including at least one simply awesome build. This is a complete recreation of The Titanic in Minecraft 1.12. The creator of this map spent months and months and months building with an incredible attention to detail. You won’t believe your eyes when you open up this map. Download Button

15) Super Bomb Survival Gen II

The Super Bomb Survival map isn’t your typical survival custom map. It actually isn’t a long-term survival map at all. It’s a mini-game where you are placed in an arena that is continuously being bombed over and over again. Your goal is to survive as long as possible with out blowing up! It features a few different arenas, and is tons of fun! How long can you make it?
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And there you have it! Our list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.12 that you must play! These are by no means all the custom maps available for Minecraft 1.12, and you can check out more by clicking here. If you have a custom map that you think we should add to the list, please comment below. We’ll check it out, and we may add it! Also, if you need help installing any of these custom maps, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to download and install custom maps in Minecraft 1.12. It will help you out!

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