Here is our extensive list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.16 that you must play! Here, you will find all kinds of maps from survival to adventure to parkour. Thus, no matter what kind of custom map you are looking for, you'll be able to find it here. If you think we missed an awesome 1.16 custom map for this list, please comment at the end of the article! We're always looking for more Minecraft maps to add! Nevertheless, let's get on into the article!

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15 Custom Maps For Minecraft 1.16 That You Must Play!

1)  Bastions Parkour

In this parkour, you will visit the bastions, the soul sand valley, the crimson/warped forest, and the basalt deltas during your parkour with lanterns, skulls, soul speed, chain and all the new blocks that Minecraft 1.16 has to offer. This is a really good parkour map that uses the nether and Minecraft 1.16 blocks very, very well.

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2) Hidden Rooms

Hidden Rooms is an escape room map with each room being based off a specific idea or theme. This is a more challenging escape room map, and it can be played with multiple players, however, the 2nd player will need to be teleported into the starting room. There are also hints to help you out if you get stuck in the map.
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3) Just Press Spacebar

Parkour in three different main worlds (air parkour, jungle parkour, and parkour lines) with different difficulties, details, and more! This is for the most part a quite easy parkour map but there are some harder jumps! Parkour in different environments like jungle, nether, the end, winter land. This map will give you around 30min of gameplay to complete all three parkours one time but!

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4) Horizon Survival

Horizon Survival is directed towards players that seek adventure to expand & survive in the utter loneliness of the far-flung void. With minimal starter resources, you gather blocks by exploring & fighting through the various island surrounding the main spawn point. With many secrets & hidden stories to unfold, this map thrills any player & keeps them engaged throughout the game.

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5) 2D Parkour With A Twist

2D Parkour With A Twist is a really cool custom parkour map. You control a villager through a two-dimensional parkour map! Most of the jumps are quite easy, but there are some vindicators to make things a bit more difficult. Additionally, all controls are custom made to make things more difficult and fun!Download Button

6) An Adventure, I Guess

An Adventure Map, I Guess! is a short adventure based map that is about going to a new dimension called the ‘Beans Dimension'. One day, your buddy, Steve randomly portals into your room. He suggests you travel with him to the Beans Dimension, and then, the adventure begins!Download Button

7) Boom – The Explosive Minigame

The Boom map is actually a minigame that has you throwing bombs from one island to another trying to kill other players. It can support two to eight players, and there are 14 different maps all with different gameplay styles. There are both FFA and team-based gamemodes giving you tons of different fun things that you can do. This is a really cool and awesome custom minigame map.

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8) Ghost Run

This parkour map is a very unique. It has a ‘ghost' character that you can play against and work to beat as quickly as possible. The ghost is actually the maps creator too, so they know all of the shortcuts and different routes making it super difficult to beat and a ton of fun!

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9) Torn: Origins

Torn: Origins puts you in the X.I.A. Agency as Agent A01! There are 15 story missions, side activities, combat custom boss battles, puzzles, parkour, fast travel, and more. This is truly an amazing custom Minecraft map with over 5,000 command blocks and tons of custom features.

Note: This map requires the Torn: Origins Resource Pack to play! Download it here!

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10) Crash Bandicoot – The Lost World

As the title suggests, this is based on the Crash Bandicoot series. Everything with this map is built into with no extra resource packs or mods needed. If you love the Crash Bandicoot series, you will love this map as you collect as many crystals as possible to save this Lost World.Download Button


11) Minecraft Odyssey

Minecraft Odyssey has you as the only hero of the light. The darkness has awakened. You must pass all temples to improve your hero sword. In time, you will be ready to wear the more legendary hero suit. There is a Deku temple, a desert temple, a fire temple, a water temple and then comes the Heaven. When you have completed all temples, you are ready for the fight.

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12) Space Wrap 2

Space Wrap 2 is a puzzle map based around non-euclidean space. For example, you might walk straight through a corridor, to exit on the opposite side of the room. This map was centered way more around this one mechanic, unlike the first map, which introduced different mechanics each time.

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13) Extreme Kima Find The Button

The goal is simple – find all the buttons. There are 15 levels that you can play, and all of them are unique and have different themes to keep things challenging as you search around looking for all of the buttons that the Extreme Kima map has.

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14) Convoluted Hallways

If you like mazes, then Convoluted Hallways is for you! This map has 9 different mazes that you can try and beat. They all start down different hallways and provide a ton of different and unique fun. The difficulties range from super hard maps to very easy ones.

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15) The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter V

This is chapter 6 of The Mystery of Herobrine adventure maps. It takes place after the events of Chapter IV and will show you the beginnings of Herobrine's plan. This map is made for one player, but it can be played with up to three players. There are 7 boss battles, 5 armor weapon sets, and in total around 60 to 80 minutes of gameplay.

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And there you have it! Our list of the 15 custom maps for Minecraft 1.16 that you must play! These are by no means all the custom maps available for Minecraft 1.16, and you can check out more by clicking here. If you have a custom map that you think we should add to the list, please comment below. We'll check it out, and we may add it! Also, if you need help installing any of these custom maps, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to download and install custom maps in Minecraft. It will help you out!

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