How To Download & Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

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In this article, we are going to go over every step to show you exactly how to download and install DokuCraft in Minecraft. From how to download the correct version of DokuCraft that you are looking for to how you can get DokuCraft installed in Minecraft, we really do go over every single step of getting the DokuCraft resource pack installed in Minecraft. What is DokuCraft? Well, DokuCraft is a Medieval/old-timey looking resource pack for Minecraft. It has three versions – DokuCraft Light, DokuCraft High, and DokuCraft Dark.

We will be showing you how to get all of these versions in Minecraft as they all are installed in the exact same way. Because of this, we will be referring to the texture pack as just ‘DokuCraft' even though you will be using one of these versions they are all exactly the same when it comes to installation and even downloading them. What is cool about all of these different versions of DokuCraft is that it gives you options allowing you to get a darker pack, brighter pack, or lighter pack depending on what you are looking for. Thus, let's go ahead and jump right on into how you can get DokuCraft in Minecraft!

How To Download & Install the DokuCraft Texture Pack in Minecraft

Step 1) Download The DokuCraft Resource Pack

First things first, we’ll need to download the DokuCraft texture pack for Minecraft. You can find the official download page for the DokuCraft texture pack by clicking the yellow “Download DokuCraft” button above or by clicking here. Once you are on the DokuCraft Resource Pack download page,you will need to click the version of DokuCraft that you would like to download. For example, if you want to download the ‘High' version of DokuCraft, you would clock on that, but the process is the same whether you click on the Light, High, or Dark versions of DokuCraft.

Once you have selected your versions, you will be taken to a page where you'll see a ‘Download Pack' button. Click this button to to download DokuCraft for the most recent version of Minecraft. If you want an older version of DokuCraft, you can find these under the ‘All Downloads' section just below the top header section of this page. Once you have clicked the ‘Download Pack' button, DokuCraft will start downloading right away. You may need to keep or save the file depending on your browser.

Step 2) Open Up Minecraft & Find The ‘Resource Pack' Section

Now, before we can install DokuCraft, we need to find the folder to install it to. Luckily, this is very, very easy just open up Minecraft, and from the main menu, click the ‘Options' button. This will open up a page where you will see a ‘Resource Packs' option. Click on that, and you will see ‘Available Resource Packs' and ‘Selected Resource Packs'. You will also see an ‘Open Resource Pack Folder' button. From here, we can install the resource pack.

Step 3) Install DokuCraft

So you've gotten the DokuCraft Resource Pack downloaded, and you've found the Resource Pack folder. The quest is though how to do you actually get it installed? Well, this is actually really simple. Just click the ‘Open Resource Pack' folder button to open up the resource pack folder. Now, all you need to do to install DokuCraft is drag-and-drop it into the resource packs folder that you have now opened. That's it! Just drag and drop DokuCraft into the resource pack folder, and you are done!

Step 4) Select The DokuCraft Resource Pack

The last thing that you need to do is select the DokuCraft texture pack. This is very, very easy. Just go back to Minecraft, click the ‘Done' button in the bottom right, and then, click the ‘Open Resource Pack' folder again. You will now see ‘DokuCraft', under the ‘Available Resource Packs' section. To activate it, just hover over the image on the left hand side of DokuCraft and click the right pointing arrow. This will move the resource pack to the ‘Selected Resource Packs' section. Once you have moved the resource pack to this side, go ahead and click ‘Done'. Minecraft will then go ahead and install the texture pack and reload itself!

Step 5) Have Fun & Enjoy DokuCraft!

Congratulations! DokuCraft is now installed! Have some fun, build stuff, or install some other texture packs or mods. We have over 50 different tutorials on installing mods and texture packs all with there officially download links. We've also got tutorials on starting, maintaining, and running Minecraft servers. Thus, if you need to know how to do anything in Minecraft, just search our site or check out our Minecraft category for in-depth mod, texture pack, and server tutorials!

Thanks so much for reading and using our tutorial on how to download & install DokuCraft in Minecraft. You can also check out our video on installing DokuCraft by clicking here! If you're having any issues, please post in the comment section below, and we will try out best to help you out!


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