How To Download & Install Schematica in Minecraft

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Schematica is an incredible mod for quickly and easily building in Minecraft, and today, I'm going show you exactly how to download & install Schematica in Minecraft. From importing other people's awesome builds to copying your own from one world to another, Schematica is an incredible way to make Minecraft more fun and creative. Thus, lets go ahead and get Schematica up and running in Minecraft!



How To Download & Install Schematica in Minecraft

Step 1) Install Forge

As with many Minecraft mods, Forge is required to get Schematica up and running. The good news is, we have an in-depth tutorial walking you through exactly how to download and install Forge! You can click here to check it out. After you've got Forge installed, it's time to move on to actually getting Schematica installed and running!

Check out our Forge tutorial in order to ensure you get Forge up and running correctly!

Schematica Mod Download Page

Step 2) Download Schematica & LunatriusCore

In order to install Schematica, we need to download it and its ‘core mod', which is required to run Schematica, LunartriusCore. Luckily, we've got you covered. You can click here for Schematica, and you click here for LunartriusCore. We've also provided convenient download buttons for each mod above in order to make things a little more clear. After you've gotten to the download pages linked above, just click on the green ‘Download' button on the right-hand side of the screen for each mod. When it is all said done, you will have two mods downloaded – Schematica and LunartriusCore.

Open Up The Minecraft Folder to Install Schematica

Step 3) Install Schematica & LunartriusCore

Now that you have Schematica and LunartriusCore downloaded, it's time to get them installed. In order to do this, simply hit the ‘Windows Key', the key to the left of the spacebar, and ‘R' at the same time. This will open the ‘Run' program. In the search bar, type ‘%appdata%'. This will open up a File Explorer window. In this window, you need to click on the ‘.minecraft' folder.

How To Download & Install Minecraft Mods

Once, you're in the ‘.minecraft' folder, you need to open up the ‘mods' folder. If you don't have a ‘mods' folder, simply create one like I do in the GIF above. After you're in the ‘mods' folder, just drag and drop the Schematica file and the LunartriusCore file you downloaded into it. Schematica is now installed!

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Step 4) Open Up The Minecraft Launcher & Select The Forge Version

So you have Schematica installed, but you aren't quite done yet. You still need to open up the Forge version of Minecraft. To do this, just open up the Minecraft launcher like you normally would, and click the little arrow next to the ‘Play' button. Then, click the version of Minecraft that is titled ‘forge'. After you've selected the Forge version, click ‘Play'!

Step 5) Have Fun & Enjoy Schematica

Congratulations! You now know how to download & install Schematica in Minecraft! Have some fun, download some Schematics, which can be installed in the ‘Schematics' folder. This folder is in the ‘.minecraft' folder. Check out step 3 of this tutorial to see how to get there.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial and continue to enjoy Schematica. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We are happy to help you out in any way we can.

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