How To Download & Install Sky Factory 2

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If you want to know how to download & install Sky Factory 2, this is the article for you! We are going to walk you through getting Sky Factory 2 up and running perfectly, so you can start playing and having fun. Sky Factory 2 is a really cool modpack for Minecraft. It forces you to start out on a block in the sky with just one tree on it. You then have to chop down the tree and use the resources it provides to build out your entire world. It's a great concept and incredibly fun. Nevertheless, let's go ahead and get it downloaded and installed!

How To Download & Install Sky Factory 2 How To Download The ATLauncher

Step 1) Download The ATLauncher

The first step in installing Sky Factory 2 is downloading the ATLauncher. You can do this by simply clicking the link below. It will then take you to the ‘Downloads' page for the ATLauncher. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will see a blue download button like the one in the image above that says ‘Windows (.exe)'. Click this download button. The ATLauncher will then begin downloading!

Click here to go to the ATLauncher download page!

Note: This tutorial is for Windows computers. If you are on Mac or Linux computer, you will use the ‘.jar' download, but I currently do not have any computers with those operating systems. Thus, I cannot provide you with any support on those platforms. 

How To Create A New Folder - ATLauncher

Step 2) Create A Folder For The ATLauncher

Once you've downloaded the ATLauncher, you need to create a folder for it. This is pretty easy. Just right click on your desktop, select ‘New', and then, click ‘Folder'. You can name this folder whatever you like. I would recommend something like ‘ATLauncher' or ‘Sky Factory 2', so it is easier for you to remember it later. Now that you've got the folder created, just drag and drop the ‘ATLauncher.exe' file you downloaded in step one into it.

How To Setup The ATLauncher

Step 3) Launch & Setup The ATLauncher

This is where you actually install the ATLauncher. Luckily, doing this is actually pretty easy. Just double-click on the ‘ATLauncher.exe' file, and boom! A lot of stuff will start happening. After about a minute, a little window will pop-up that says ‘ATLauncher Setup' in the menu bar. Just click the ‘Save' button in the bottom center of the pop-up window, and then, after a few seconds, the ATLauncher will open right on up. Congrats! The ATLauncher is now installed.

Click Here To Login To The ATLauncher

Step 4) Login To The ATLauncher

Logging into the ATLauncher is a bit different than other launchers on the market. In order to login, click the ‘Accounts' tab in the right-hand sidebar of the launcher. This will then open up a login screen. Here, you will enter your Minecraft email and password. This is the exact same login information that you use to login to the default Minecraft launcher and Once you have entered your email and password, click ‘Add'. This will then log you into the ATLauncher.

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How To Install Sky Factory 2 in The ATLauncher

Step 5) Install Sky Factory 2!

Finally, it is time to install Sky Factory 2. Doing this is actually very simple. Just click on the ‘Packs' tab in the right-hand sidebar, find ‘Sky Factory 2' on this list, and then click the ‘New Instance' button under the description. This will open a pop-up window.

How To Install More Mods into Sky Factory 2

In the pop-up window, there is no reason to change anything just leave it all exactly how it is, and click ‘Install'. Another pop-up window will then open up. Here, you can select if you want to add any extract mods into Sky Factory 2. The choice here is up to you, but remember the more mods you have installed, the better the computer you need to have. Once you have selected what mods you want to add, click the ‘Install' button located in the bottom right of the window.

Sky Factory will now begin downloading. This may take a while as it is over 100 MB. After it is done, a window will pop-up saying ‘Sky Factory Has Been Installed'. Just click ‘OK' in the bottom left of the window and move on to step 6!

How To Play Sky Factory 2 From the ATLauncher

Step 6) Launch The Sky Factory 2 Instance

Now, all you need to do is launch the Sky Factory 2 instance you just created. To do this, click the ‘Instances' tab in the right-hand sidebar. After you're on the ‘Instances' tab, click the ‘Play' button right under the description of Sky Factory 2. Minecraft will now open with Sky Factory 2 installed!

Have Fun Playing Sky Factory 2 (Sky Factory 2 Main Menu)

Step 7) Start A World, Join A Server, Do Whatever, Just Have FUN!

Congratulations! You now know how to download & install Sky Factory 2! Go have some fun, and try not to die too much! Sky Factory is extremely challenging, so I recommend checking out our Sky Factory 2 let's play by clicking here. This will show you how to get started in the game, so you can die less and have more fun! Thanks for reading; if you have any problems getting Sky Factory 2 up and running, post them in the comments below. We are more than happy to help you out!

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