Minecraft Survival Servers – Top 5 Best Survival Minecraft Servers

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What are the best Minecraft Survival Servers? Well, in this article, we show you the top 5 best survival servers in Minecraft. No matter what kind of server you are looking for, there is no doubt that you will find the perfect server for you on this Minecraft survival server list. We even give you in-depth descriptions of all these survival Minecraft servers in order to make sure that you know what you are getting into when you start playing on a server. There is even an easy click to copy IP on all these Minecraft survival servers. Thus, without anymore delay, here is our list of the top survival Minecraft servers.

1. BreakdownCraft – Play.BreakdownCraft.com

This article is sponsored by the Minecraft survival community BreakdownCraft. On BreakdownCraft, you will find two primary survival servers – Medieval Survival and Aquatic Survival. Both of these servers have full grief-protection, an incredible community, duel PvP, Player Warps, a PG chat, and more. Find out features exclusive to each server below!

BreakdownCraft Medieval Survival

Medieval survival spawns you in a castle where you can complete the intro quest to learn everything there is to know about this Minecraft survival server. There are three primary aspects to Medieval Survival.

The first is quests. There are over 30 custom quests that take you through the story of Medieval Survival and give you some awesome rewards along the way. The next is the economy. Medieval Survival on BreakdownCraft has a player based-economy with player shops the best way to purchase items and jobs the best way to make money. Lastly, there is actually surviving. Build houses, explore, mine, and everything else you love about survival Minecraft servers can be done on Medieval survival without any problems.

Medieval Survival's Features

  • Player Based Economy
  • 30 Custom Quests
  • Consistently Updated to The Newest Minecraft Version
  • More “Vanilla” Survival Experience

BreakdownCraft Aquatic Survival

Aquatic Survival was the original BreakdownCraft Minecraft Survival server. Because of that, it has a very active and rich community with great history.

On Aquatic Survival, you will find a /shop economy and a world that allows for redstone and automation. There is also a very good /jobs system to all players to earn revenue from activity as well. The /warp PvP arena on Aquatic survival is a great place to experience raw Minecraft survival server PvP, and if you are looking for a great survival server to build on, Aquatic is perfect with /shop there to help you along the way!

Aquatic Survival's Features

  • /shop Economy to Buy and Sell to The Server
  • Redstone & Automation Allowed
  • /warp PvP Arena to Test The Best Gear
  • Long Standing Server with History
BreakdownCraft IP – Play.BreakdownCraft.com
Best Minecraft Server - AppleCraft Spawn

2. Applecraft – Play.Applecraft.org

Applecraft is a well established Minecraft survival server, and because of this it is one of the top servers on our Minecraft survival server list. It has four different survival servers that you can choose from, and all of these servers have the exact same feature set making it super easy to choose the perfect one for you! All of Applecraft's servers have keep inventory and claims on to make things fun and entertaining.

Applecraft's Features

After you select your server, you will be taken through some of the basics of Applecraft. This includes their player ships, which you is the only way to purchase things on Applecraft, the claiming system, and vote ranks which allow you to unlock new things on Applecraft. From there, you can wild warp and get surviving!

One Applecraft feature I want to mention here is the economy, while player based, is actually ores. So diamonds, iron, gold, etc. are used as currency in player shops. This means it is best to store your ores and make sure you always have as much as possible on the ready to use if you need something in player shops.

  • Player Based Economy with Ores as Currency
  • Voting Rank-Up System
  • Great Crates with Constant Updates
Applecraft IP – Play.Applecraft.org
Survive With Us Spawn

3. SurviveWithUs – Play.SurviveWith.Us

SuviveWithUs is a Minecraft survival server that has a few different realms to choose from. Don't worry too much about choosing a realm though as all realms are the same with the same features. Every single realm has Keep Inventory on, RandomTeleport, and custom plugins.

SurviveWithUs's Features

When you join a SurviveWithUs server, there is a great chat guide that will walk you through the basics of the server. From setting a /home, unlocking ranks with voting, completing quests, to their unique chunk-based land claiming system, you will know all of the basics within 10 minutes of starting to play on SurviveWithUs.

Through ranking up with /vote, you can get things like access to the /shop where you can buy and sell items to and from other players. This means that SurviveWithUs has a player-based economy all through a GUI. It is also worth mentioning SurviveWithUs's land claiming again as it has chunk claiming that allows you to claim multiple connecting chunks at a time to protect your items and make sure everything is safe.

  • Player Based /shop Economy
  • Vote Based Rank-Up System
  • Unique Claiming System
SurviveWithUs IP – Play.SurviveWith.Us
The Seed Minecraft Survival Server Build

4. The Seed – theseedmc.com

The Seed is a Minecraft server that works to have a more vanilla+ Minecraft survival server experience. Their goal is to keep their server community based with simple features. You will find a few different realms on The Seed. Just like most of the other Minecraft survival servers on this list, all of these realms are the same with the exact same features.

The Seed's Features

While trying to keep things simple, The Seed is a pretty feature packed Minecraft server. You will find a player-based economy with players shops, a player warp system, land calming, playtime based rank rewards, pets, and more!

A more unique feature of The Seed is the playtime rank rewards. The longer you play on The Seed, the more features you will unlock and the more things you can do. For example, player warps don't unlock until you have played for one hour.

  • Player Driven Economy
  • Rank Up with Playtime
  • Create Your Own Shop with Player Shops
The Seed's IP – theseedmc.com
Tulip Minecraft Survival Server Spawn

5. TulipSurvival – Play.TulipSurvival.com

TulipSurvival is a semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server a few added plugins to increase the survival Minecraft experience. As with all vanilla-like servers, you have a few realms to choose from all with the same features. Once in a realm though, TulipSurvival has some pretty amazing features that take vanilla Minecraft to the next level.

TulipSurvival's Features

Let's start off with the economy. TulipSurvival has a complete /shop player based economy where you can easily sell items to and buy items from other players. It uses a Grief Prevention anti-grief system to protect your claims, and more claim blocks can be gotten with voting. Speaking of voting, you can also get ranks when you vote to unlock new and unique features.

  • Voting Ranks
  • Player Based /shop Economy
  • Earn Claim Blocks via Voting
TulipSurvival's IP – Play.TulipSurvival.com

Start Your Own Survival Minecraft Server

Sometimes the best survival Minecraft servers are the ones you start yourself. Luckily, we have a complete guide on how to start a survival Minecraft server. That tutorial, paired with the video above, will take you through every single thing you need to know about start your very own Minecraft survival server just in case none of these great Minecraft servers were what you were looking for.

The good thing about starting your own survival Minecraft server is that you will have 100% control over all of the features the server has. If you don't want grief protection on your server, no problem. What about having ranks? The choice is yours. Is PvP enabled everywhere on your survival server? Awesome! All control goes to you.

With all of this control though, you will have the downsides of starting a survival server like fixing problems and issues and worrying about DDOS protection. That is where a host like Apex Minecraft Hosting comes in. They will provide DDOS protection and 24/7 support should something happen while hosting your own Minecraft survival server!


I have been playing and modding Minecraft since 2010. In 2014, I started getting interested in creating Minecraft servers and teaching people how to do it online. This led to thousands of videos covering how to do anything and everything in Minecraft!

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