Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs

By Nic •  Updated: 11/01/21 •  3 min read

This article will give you a list of 5 incredible resource packs build completely for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. These will work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition no matter what platform you play it on. From Minecraft on iOS and Android to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, you will be able to install the texture packs on this list without any problems on all of them. So, without anymore delay, here is our list of the top 5 best Minecraft Bedrock Texture Packs!

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs - John Smith Legacy

1) John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy is a Medieval resource pack for Minecraft Bedrock. John Smith Legacy is a bit more of a rough texture pack which in my opinion makes a lot more realistic that other medieval resource packs that can feel a bit to light and bright for medieval times. Overall, this is one of the best medieval texture packs for Bedrock Edition!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs - Depixel

2) Depixel

If you want to keep the original look of Minecraft Bedrock while overall making it look cleaner and more refined, the Depixel texture pack is perfect for you. This pack takes the vanilla Minecraft textures and makes them look better and overall cleaner. There are also add-ons that can make things like glass, ores, and grass even more different.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs - DokuCraft

3) Dokucraft

DokuCraft is another Medieval texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. However, this one has three options. You have DokuCraft Light, High, and Dark. Light is the brightest DokuCraft resource pack. High is the middle tier with elements from both Light and Dark, and DokuCraft Dark is, as the name implies darker. This gives you a lot of options depending on what you link in medieval resource packs!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs - Paper Cut-Out

4) Paper Cut-Out

Cartoon-style resource packs are some of my favorite, and Paper Cut-Out is a truly great one for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This texture pack will make Minecraft look like a cartoon straight from your TV, and really change up the look of everything. This is my personal favorite cartoon Bedrock resource pack!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Resource Packs - Jehkoba's Fantasy

5) Jehkoba's Fantasy

Jehkoba's Fantasy is a texture pack that is more cartoony focused on looking Saturday morning cartoons, tabletop roleplay games, and SNES JRPG's. Overall, this pack just feels ‘right' for Minecraft though. The cartoonyness is exactly what you would expect if you want Minecraft to look like a cartoon. However, I do still get some vanilla elements in pack which is always welcome!

There is our list of 5 texture packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. As we stated at the beginning of this article, these will work on every single platform that Minecraft Bedrock Edition is on, and they are very easy to install!


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