How To Download & Install BSL Shaders in Minecraft

By Jess •  Updated: 09/06/23 •  7 min read

BSL Shaders is one of the most popular Minecraft shader packs ever made, and in this video, we show you exactly how to download and install BSL Shaders.

Why would you want get BLS Shaders? Well, it offers extreme customization and optimizations alongside built in anti-aliasing, volumetric lighting, bloom, realtime shaders, and more. It truly is one of the best looking Minecraft shaders packs, so let's get it installed!

What this BSL Shaders guide will cover:

Download BSL Shaders

First things first, we will need to download BSL Shaders. This will let us get the correct version of BSL Shaders from the official BSL Shaders download page.

Step 1: Accessing the BSL Shaders Download Page on Modrinth

The official BSL Shaders download page is hosted on Modrinth. Modrinth is designed to only host trusted files ensuring that no matter what, you can download BSL Shaders in confidence.

Once you're on Modrinth, navigate to the “Versions” tab at the top of the page.

BSL Shaders Download Page

Step 2: Downloading BSL Shaders on Modrinth

On the versions tab, you'll find a list of supported Minecraft versions for BSL Shaders. Unlike mods, the most recent version of BSL Shaders is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.

Thus, it's recommended to download the most recent version making sure you get all of BSL's features and any potential bug fixes.

BSL Shaders Versions Page

Click on the version of BLS Shaders you want, and then click on the green download button. It will then being downloading.

Download a Version of BSL Shaders

Download Optifine for BSL Shaders

Optifine is required to run all shader packs in Minecraft. Thus, we will need to it to get BSL Shaders as well.

Step 1: Go To The Optifine Download Page

To get Optifine, head to our complete guide on downloading it. Once you are there, click on the “Download Optifine” button.

This will take you to the official Optifine download page.

Optifine Installation Guide

Step 2: Selecting the Version of Optifine You Want

Once on the OptiFine download page, you'll see various versions of Minecraft listed. It's crucial to select the version that matches your current Minecraft installation you are wanting to use BSL Shaders with.

Next to the version you want, click on the “mirror” link. This will direct you to the official download page for that version of Optifine.

Optifine Download Page

Step 3: Downloading Optifine

After selecting your version, click the download button, and once the download completes, move the file to your desktop or another easily accessible location. You may need to keep or save Optifine depending on your browser.

Specific Optifine Version Download Page

Installing Optifine for BSL Shaders

With Optifine downloaded, now we need to install it.

Optional: Getting Java & Running the Jarfix

Before installing OptiFine, ensure you have Java installed on your computer. This is required in order to get Optifine installed.

You may also need to run the Jarfix in order to make sure that Optifine is able to be opened and installed without issues.

Minecraft Java Download Guide

Step 1: Open the Optifine Installer

Locate the Optifine file you downloaded earlier, right-click on it, select “Open with”, and choose Java. This action will launch the Optifine installer.

Opening The Optifine Installer

Step 2: Installing Optifine with the Installer

With the installer open, click the “Install” button. Optifine will begin installing.

If you encounter any issues, ensure that both Minecraft and the Minecraft launcher are closed. Additionally, make sure you've played the version of Minecraft for which you're installing Optifine.

Install Optifine with the Optifine Installer

Step 3: Opening Minecraft with Optifine

Once Optifine is installed, open the Minecraft launcher. You should see an Optifine profile.

If not, click on the “Installations” tab at the top of the Minecraft Launcher. Make sure “Modded” is checked, and there will be an Optifine profile. Hover over this and click play to open Minecraft with Optifine.

Playing Minecraft with Optifine

Installing BSL Shaders in Minecraft

Finally, it is time to install BSL Shaders. We are starting off with Minecraft open and Optifine installed, so make sure that is the case for you as well!

Step 1: Accessing The Shaders Menu

From the Minecraft main menu, click on “Options”, then “Video Settings”, and finally “Shaders”. This is the shaders menu, and it is where you will manage your BSL Shaders once it is installed.

Optifine Shaders Button

Step 2: Opening The Shaders Folder

Within the shaders menu, click on the “Shaders Folder “button in the bottom left. This action will open the folder where you'll place the BSL Shaders file you downloaded.

Accessing the Minecraft Shaders Folder

Step 3: Installing BSL Shaders in The “shaderpacks” Folder

This is where you actually add BSL Shaders to your Minecraft files. Just drag and drop the BSL Shaders file you downloaded earlier into this folder.

Moving BSL Shaders Into Minecraft

Step 4: Selecting BSL Shaders in Minecraft

Return to Minecraft and select BSL Shaders from the list by simply clicking on it. Minecraft will reload, and BSL Shaders will be selected!

Activating BSL Shaders

Customizing BSL Shaders

One of the biggest benefits of BSL Shaders is that it is highly customizable. So how do you actually customize it and make changes to the shader pack?

Shader Options

Once BSL Shaders is active, you can customize its settings. Click on “Shader Options” in the bottom right of the shaders menu to access a ton of different settings to customize BLS Shaders.

Opening Shader Options

From the lighting and cloud settings to bloom to even different pre-defined profiles based on performance, there are tons of different options that you can change to make BSL Shaders exactly how you want it.

BSL Shader Options

Other Optifine Settings

Optifine offers a plethora of settings beyond shaders that can make Minecraft look better. From dynamic lighting to biome blending to particle settings, and even render distance, there are ton of different options for making Minecraft your own just using Optifine.

Minecraft Video Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSL Shaders?

BSL Shaders is a popular shader pack for Minecraft that enhances the game's graphics, providing more realistic lighting, shadows, blooms, clouds, shading and visual effects.

Where do I download BLS Shaders?

There are two official places to download BSL – Modrinth and CurseForge. Either source is trusted and linked directly by the creator BSL Shaders on their website.

How much RAM does BSL Shaders use?

BSL Shaders should have at least 4GB of RAM dedicated to it when you are playing Minecraft. This is true for most shader packs, and if you add additional mods to shaders, you will need even more RAM.

Do you need Optifine to use BLS Shaders?

OptiFine is a modification that optimizes Minecraft's graphics and is essential for running shader packs like BSL. It ensures compatibility and optimal performance.

How can you install BSL Shaders without Optifine?

In order to get BSL Shaders without Optifine, you will need to use Iris Shaders. This replaces Optifine, and it lets you get shaders with Fabric Minecraft mods.

Can you use BSL Shaders with Minecraft mods?

Yes, BSL Shaders is generally compatible with other Minecraft mods. However, it's always a good idea to check for specific mod compatibility issues.

If you do have an issue with a mod, you can try to change different settings with BSL Shader's options to fix them or change different configurations within the mod.

BSL Shaders does maintain a list of potential fixes for mods on its wiki.

How do I uninstall BSL Shaders if I no longer want to use them?

To uninstall, simply navigate to the shaders menu in Minecraft, select BSL Shaders, and click the “off” or “none” option. You can also delete the shader pack from the shaders folder.

Does BSL Shaders work with Minecraft texture packs?

Yes, BSL Shaders are compatible with most texture packs. However, combining high-resolution texture packs with shaders might impact performance on some systems.