How To Download & Install Java for Minecraft Mods & Servers

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In this article, I show you exactly how to download and install Java for Minecraft. Java is the basis for Minecraft. It is literally the language that Minecraft is coded in. For this reason, whether you are looking to play Minecraft mods or start a Minecraft server, you will need to download Java. Luckily, this article shows you every step of getting Java set up and running for Minecraft, so let's jump right on into it!

What this Java guide will cover:

How To Download Java for Minecraft Mods

Step 1) Go to the Java download page

First things first, you will need to access the Java download page. Just click on the big yellow button above or this Java download link. You will then land on Oracle's website. Oracle is the company behind Java and the website where Java's downloads are hosted.

Java for Minecraft Download Page

Step 2) Selecting Java 17 & Windows

Once you are on the download page, make sure that Java 17 and Windows are selected. If these aren't both selected, you will get the wrong version of Java, and it will not work with your mods or server.

Note: If you are still having issues after getting Java, confirm you have Java 17. If you have a newer or older version of Java, you will have issues with Minecraft. 

Selecting Java 17 and Windows

Step 3) Downloading Java 17

Finally, we can download Java 17. Do this by clicking on the link in the download column next to ‘x64 Installer'. Your download will then begin. You may need to keep or save the file depending on your browser. It is 100% safe to download Java from as they are the developers of Java.

Where to click to download Java

How To Install Java for Minecraft

Step 1) Opening the Java Installer

Java is installed using an installer system. This means that the file you downloaded will need to be opened to get the installation process started. Do this by simply double-clicking on the Java file you downloaded. When you do, the installer will open. The installer window will be titled ‘Java(TM) SE Development Kit 17.

Step 2) Install Java with the Installer

With the installer opens, click next on the first page to get the installation started. On the second page, click next again, and Java 17 will start installing automatically.

The first step of installing Java
The second step of installing Java

Once Java is finished installing, you can click the close button in the installer to close it. You now have Java 17 for Minecraft.

Finishing Install Java in the Installer

Confirm Java Is Working

With Java downloaded, you need to make sure it is working. The easiest way to do this is by going back to whatever Minecraft Java file you were trying to use. Whether this was Forge, Optifine, Fabric, a Minecraft server, or something else, it should now have a Java coffee cup logo as the file icon.

If the file icon isn't the Java logo, it actually isn't a big deal. All you need to do is run the Jarfix. That simple program will take all of the .jar files on your computer and link them back to Java making them work correctly.

Why does Minecraft need Java?

Well, technically, you don't need Java to play Minecraft. What you need Java for is Minecraft mods and servers. The reason for this is that Minecraft is coded in the Java programming language.

Truthfully, the only reason that Minecraft is coded in Java is because the creator of Minecraft liked programming in Java. Thus, the game was built in Java from the start. For this reason, all Minecraft mods are coded in Java as well, and that is why you need Java for Minecraft mods and servers!

Troubleshooting Issues

No one likes problems, but they are bound to arise in some form or another. For this reason, we wanted to troubleshoot all of the potential problems you can have when getting Java for mods and servers in Minecraft. If there is a problem we missed here, reach out to us on our contact page, and we will try to help!

What to do if .jar files open in WinRAR

One of the more common issues is that WinRAR is opening your .jar files. This can be annoying as it completely stops you from moving forward with a .jar file.

Luckily, the fix for this is very simple. Step one you've probably already completed. You need to download Java. You must have Java installed for .jar files to be able to work on your computer at all.

After you have Java, we can move on to the second step of this process and that is running the Jarfix. The Jarfix will unlink the .jar file type from WinRAR and relink it to Java. In doing so, your .jar files will be able to be double-clicked to automatically open them with Java fixing .jar files opening in WinRAR.

Note: The above process also works with 7Zip and other alternative file explorers.

Does Minecraft require Java 18?

No, as a matter of fact, if you try to use Minecraft mods or start a server with Java 18, it may not work at all. The reason for this is that Java 17 is the version that is natively supported by Minecraft.

Eventually, we do expect that Java 18 will work with Minecraft. However, when that does happen, we will update this article.

We have covered this a few different times in this article, but it is a very common question. Thus, it is worth looking at again.

To fix your .jar files not opening with Java, you need to use the Jarfix. In just a few steps, all of your .jar files will work with Java again. You must also download Java before opening the Jarfix program. If you don't install Java first, the Jarfix will simply fail to work leaving your .jar files exactly how they are.

Do you need Java for Minecraft mods?

Yes, you need Java in order to install mods for Minecraft. Specifically, though, you need Java to install mod loaders like Forge and Fabric as well as mods that have their own dedicated installers such as Optifine and Iris Shaders.

Minecraft mods themselves don't technically require Java, but since it is required for the mod loaders that make the mods work, you will need it no matter what.

What Java version do you need for Minecraft servers?

Currently, you need Java 17 to start a Minecraft server. In the past, you have needed other versions of Java, and we do expect Mojang to update the required Java version for servers in the future. When this does happen, we will update the article to reflect the new version of Java that you need.


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